education state system promotes shows of scientific experiments with creativity and low cost

Events related to the subject were held in September and November.
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Completing the pedagogical action and training "low cost experiments for science teaching of the final years of elementary school", held between September and November this year in schools of public schools, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), through its Management of Primary Education II, promoted Friday, 1st Science Experiments Circuit Finals of the Elementary School Years.

The event was held in the auditorium of Full-Time State School Bilingual Djalma Batista da Cunha, located on Avenida General Rodrigo Otavio, 1600, Crowned in I, in front of the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), area east of Manaus and with the participation of teachers and students, They are presenting low cost experiments in their teaching units.

Coordinated by Professor Maílson Rafael Ferreira and the teacher Fabiana da Silva Souza, the action was developed in schools of all District Coordination capital of Education, taking into account the 6 science teachers to 9th grade of elementary school. The action was supported by the Working Group of Seduc Natural Sciences.

The proposal Seduc, according to the elementary school manager Final Years, Eriberto Achievement, contributed, significantly, for student learning. "The Elementary Education Management Final Years held this year in various activities Coordination of Education, such as educational workshops focused on the discipline of science with different methodologies so that teachers could work in the classroom. In sequence, we propose the realization of low cost experiments and experiments in this circuit, We met some of these works, to be presented in a practical way, significant and leading students to understand the chemical and natural phenomena of a more dynamic and attractive way ", He explained Eriberto Achievement.

low cost experiments – According to one of action coordinators, Professor Maílson Rafael Ferreira, the proposal was to encourage students and teachers to conduct low-cost experiments in their schools, developing creativity in production.

"Our intention was to encourage teachers and students from public schools to develop low-cost experiments in their schools, using common trade materials or have at home. The result of this work is that we can see phenomena that students usually learn in theory, It is applied in practice. They are simple and creative experiments ", said coordinator.

During the presentation of the experiments, the students, accompanied by their teachers, were evaluated pro a jury composed of science teachers of Seduc, as well as guests from the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) and the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA).

Science in practice – Accompanied by Professor Everaldo Barros, the student of the 7th grade of elementary school the state school Alda Barata, João Pedro Simplicio da Silva, 13, He said that part of the event was a new and enriching experience. "For me, this was a new experience and very positive. Even if our experiment is not awarded, was an honor to have had the opportunity to participate in this event along with other teachers and students ", said the student João Pedro.

According to Professor Everaldo, actions like this stimulate student learning. "This activity was very positive for students, they realized that, using simple of our day-day materials, You can understand phenomena that often only studied in the classroom ", he explained.

Students Williams Albert Felismino, 16, Graziele Mendes, 15, and Matheus Viana, 14, are students of the 9th grade of elementary school in the State School Rilton Leal Filho, in the neighborhood Armando Mendes, East Zone of Manaus. O Trio, under the guidance of Professor Lyane Castro, He presented the experience "Fire Hand, or combustion ". The idea of ​​the experiment was to mix, a basin with water, or detergent, shaking it soon after. Then it was sprayed a flammable spray under water. Matheus grabbed a foam layer with hands. Williams lit a match in the direction of foam and caught fire, without burning the hand of colleague.

"The idea was to show how combustion occurs. Amphipathic molecules will burn, but at the same time protects the hand creating a protective film, without harming the skin of the individual ", Williams explained.

Guided by Professor Eleonora Souza, students of the 9th grade of Full-Time Education Center / Ceti Garcitylzo Lake and Silva, Jenatan Matos, 18 and Matheus Souza, 15, They showed the experiment "liquid density" during the event.

according Matheus, the event was very important to them that, next school year, will study the areas of Physics and Chemistry. "We did not expect to have been chosen among so many students from our school to present this experiment and we are honored. This action has brought us a lot of knowledge, mainly because next school year, we will begin to study the areas of physics and chemistry ", told students.

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