TCE-AM judge 51 processes on Tuesday (6)

Among the benefits that go to trial, stands out the CEO of FVS, exercise 2014, Bernardino Albuquerque.
05/12/2016 13h28 - Updated 5/12/2016 13h28
Photo: TCE-AM

Earlier on Tuesday (06), full of Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) judges 51 processes, among which are accountings, representations, resources and complaints.

Among the benefits that go to trial NA 42nd ordinary session highlight was the CEO of the Foundation for Health Surveillance (FVS), exercise 2014, Cláudio Bernardino Albuquerque; the former secretary of SEINF Marco Aurélio de Mendonça, exercise 2007; the former chief executive of the Olympic Village Foundation "Danilo Mattos Areosa", Wlamir Prado de Alencar, exercise 2005; Municipal mayor Itamaraty John Medeiros Campelo, exercise 2013; the mayor of Tabatinga Raimundo Carvalho Caldas, exercise 2013; the Mayor of Caapiranga Silas Pereira ( the year 2015); President of the Municipal Health (Sems), Homero Miranda Lion, exercise 2014; and the Mayor of San Sebastian Uatumã, Elienai Pereira Cursino, exercise 2015.

Also included in the tariff review of resources, ordinary and reconsideration, brought by jurisdictional TEC, in the face of some decisions taken by the Court of Auditors. Representations and complaints will also be examined during the 42nd ordinary meeting of the full TEC, held in the plenary of the institution, at 10 am, on Tuesday (6).

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