TEC states that Health Secretary made initiate bills and guarantees of hemodialysis services and laboratory

up to 30 Pedro Elias days, You have to introduce measures to normalize the supply system of hemodialysis services and laboratory.
19/12/2016 18h44 - Updated 19/12/2016 18h44
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Given representations ingressadas by Amazon Accounts prosecutors (MPC-AM), the vice president of the State Audit Court (TCE-AM), counselor Yara Amazon Lins Rodrigues dos Santos, determined, precautionary measure, what, up to 30 days, the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, submit to TEC steps to normalize the supply system of hemodialysis and laboratory services in health facilities in the Amazon and suppress the high rate of outsourcing.

In November this year, the Coordination of Health MPC, along with the MPE and MPF, He filed a representation with an injunction in TCE against the State Department of Health (Sesame) and the company J The S Souto Loureiro The deadline to fix the Susam to adopt measures so that the laboratory test services in the health units in the Amazon do not suffer paralysis in view of the monopoly over the provision by the company and for late payments.

The representation was ingressada after injury finding the service network after the announcement of the suspension of business services by default by the State.

In the interim decision, a vice-presidente do TCE-AM, counselor Yara Lins, determined that the State Secretary of Health presents, up to 30 days, proof that took immediate steps "to ensure continuity of laboratory testing services in health facilities which have threatened and / or suspension of services".

She also determined that the secretary certifying that initiated an administrative procedure to determine responsibility for the high number of outsourcing contracts and studies for submission of a priority project for reversal of outsourcing signed by the State Government in the State Department of Health (Sesame).

The vice president of the ECA also found that the State Secretary of Health refer to court, in the same period, the strategic plan for early verification to ensure the hemodialysis service offering to all those in need and that started an administrative proceeding for review of Contract 30/16, signed between Susam and Hemodialysis Center Ari company Gonçalves LTDA - EPP (CEHMO), "To ensure equality and economy, applying the unit price basis instead of global, By measuring monthly service, or promoting its annulment by accreditation process addiction ".

The decision was given in a representation ingressada the Coordination of Health and Environment of the MPC on suspicion of illegality and antieconomicidade the Contract 030/16 and hemodialysis procedure supply deficit to patients of the Unified Health System (THEIR) not Amazonas.

"The antieconomididade and overpricing of Contract 030/16 It is the adoption of the global price regime, no amount of R $ 476,1 one thousand, to be paid monthly, independent of actual production service and its measurement. For the description of the items, it can be said that these maximum amounts are higher than the volume the quality of services actually rendered in the period ", He said Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

The court vice president also ordered the establishment of a process of special accounts taken to determine how much is paid the most to the company for services that were not actually rendered.

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