Amazonastur starts tourist planning “Land of the Guarana”

The Amazonastur and Maués Prefecture intend to work the Sport Fishing and rescue the culture and history of the Japanese people.
19/01/2017 09h40 - Updated 19/01/2017 09h40

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The Government of Amazonas, through the State Tourism Company (Amazonastur), in partnership with the Municipality of Maués, through the Municipal Tourism, It starts working the Tourism Planning of the municipality, popularly known as the 'Land of the Guarana'.

The first step to enhance the city touristically, located 259 kilometers east of Manaus, It occurred on Wednesday (18), when a president from Amazonastur, Oreni Braga, He met with the Secretary of Tourism Maues, Ellen Mendonça.

During the meeting, it was defined, priority, that from next month, the council will receive a Tourism Planning Workshop. “Maués is a city world famous for fruit guarana, but we need to add value to this fruit gastronomy, cosmetics, health (longevity), drugs (phytotherapy), crafts and other. That is, we have to work all this chain to enhance the city touristically”.

Besides that, second Oreni Braga, the Amazonastur and the Town Hall, They intend to work the Sport Fishing and rescue the culture and history of the Japanese people. “Maués was the first municipality that received Japanese families and it is this historical legacy and heritage we intend to redeem”, He informed the holder Amazonastur.

For the Secretary of Tourism Maues, Ellen Mendonça, the meeting was very fruitful. “We now demand the Amazonastur and hope that everything can be done talk. Willingness of two parts exists and it is essential to start working”.

Tourist Floating - The president of Amazonastur also Began negotiations with businessmen of the tourist floating operating in the outskirts of Manaus. “The meeting with businessmen of floating is an initiative of Amazonastur to organize and regulate the segment, since the local tourists, national and international seek these environments as leisure. It is a segment that has grown and diversified supply of services and attractions”, said Oreni.

A proposal, according to the president of Amazonastur, It is to make these devices improve their environments, qualify service providers, so that the Tourism Authority may disclose safely on the official site and together with national and international partners.

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