Machine high-precision echocardiographic arrives at AM in Hospital Francisca Mendes

3D echocardiography allows a more complete interpretation of the heart, with full mapping agency.
27/01/2017 15h40 - Updated 27/01/2017 15h40
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Swiftness and precision in the treatment of cardiovascular disease are some of the main benefits of the child echocardiogram machine, which is capable of providing three-dimensional images in real time and increase the capacity of heart disease diagnosis. The equipment is in full operation at the Heart Hospital Francisca Mendes Foundation (HUFM), which is linked to the Department of Health (Sesame), and is part of the Amazonas Government investment with the prospect of expanding care in hospital.

3D echocardiography allows a more complete interpretation of the heart, with full mapping agency. This gives conditions for physicians to identify the types of heart disease and suggest directions surgery for correction. With new technology, children diagnosed with stage heart disease will not need to undergo invasive tests considered, like catheterization or CT angiography, procedures requiring general anesthesia.

"The hospital is taking another step forward. With this device we can analyze the structures of the heart in three dimensions. When they were done the tests in two dimensions devices had difficulties to diagnosis. With the equipment, we are in the implementation phase of the baby heart examination in the womb, is fetal echocardiography. This child's heart diagnosis is provided before even before the child is born and the results are better, mortality falls and the child can have a higher survival ", said pediatric cardiologist, Ronaldo Camargo.

Average, per annum, 400 children perform tests to identify heart problems Francisca Mendes, in the north of Manaus. In two years, 214 Surgeries were performed to cure the disease only in infants.

Housewife Diana Moura, 36, He took his son, John Victor, from 9 years old, to carry out the examination of the heart already with the new device. "He arrived in good time because before some tests were not made by lack of equipment, and thank God has this new device that promises to bring better conditions for the people most in need of care in the hospital, as was the case of my son ", said.

With eight months of pregnancy, administrative assistant Mayara Ferreira, 32, made the fetal echocardiogram to find out how is the heart of your future baby. Satisfied with the report, now just wait for the day of delivery to the arrival of son. "I was happy for the consultation be made in this way because it brought more support for patients and for future moms, like me, You need to have a health return on their babies, even to treat, when there, any type of heart disease ".

Only with the new echocardiographic, invested R $ 329 thousand with the prospect of increasing the number of visits to the hospital system. For the Hospital Francisca Mendes, the Susam gave new heart monitors and is acquiring a new hemodynamic equipment and two anesthesia devices for heart surgery.

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