Outlaw IPAT is recaptured after a complaint to 181

Com Michael, a SSP-AM contabiliza 88 recaptured the Prison System, after the escape of January 1.
19/01/2017 13h54 - Updated 19/01/2017 13h54
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After complaint to 181, officers of the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) arrested, on the morning of Thursday (19), Outlaw Michael George of Kings Pina, 18, who was hiding in family home, in a subdivision in the neighborhood Tarumã, West of Manaus. The arrest was made by a team of Executive Deputy Secretary of Integrated Operations (Seaop).

Michael was in the fugitives list Penal Institute Antonio Trindade (Ipat), the occurrence of January 1 this year. He was arrested since September 2016 drug trafficking suspect, Association for trafficking, conspiracy, theft and receiving stolen goods.

During a capture, he tried to escape over the wall, but it was prevented by police from Seaop. The Deputy Executive Secretary of Integrated Operations, Orlando Amaral, He stressed the importance of 181 to recapture fugitives. "It is a determination of the secretary of public security that we give attention to recapture fugitives and the system of complaints by 181 It has helped us in that direction. All reports are verified and ask that people continue to contribute so that we can take these fugitives off the streets ", said.

Com Michael, a SSP-AM contabiliza 88 recaptured the Prison System, after the escape of January 1. After initial procedures, he will be taken to Receiving and Screening Center, where it will be returned to the prison unit.

Central Complaints
Within the new security measures of reinforcements in capital, SSP-AM has established a Whistleblower Center to streamline the information received on the fugitives, fur 181, which allocates all the information for the particular group operating in searches, formed by special troops of the Military Police and Special Forces of the Civil Police and officers of the Executive Secretariat Deputy Integrated Operations SSP-AM (Seaop). The Center is coordinated by the Executive Secretariat Deputy Intelligence (Seai).

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