Governor Jose Melo launches package of R $ 1,1 billion for education

The plan includes construction, renovation and expansion of schools in the capital and in the interior, reaching, according to secretariat, near 480 thousand students.
31/01/2017 15h43 - Updated 1/02/2017 11h11
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, released early on Tuesday, 31 from January, the seat of government, a construction package for Education totaling investments of R $ 1,1 billion to 2017 e 2018. Baptized by the State Department of Education (Seduc) “of State Schools Revitalization Program”, the plan provides for the construction, renovation and expansion of schools in the capital and in the interior, reaching, according to secretariat, near 480 thousand students.

The package includes works already in progress and other bid or bidding stage, sample 12 Full-Time Education Centers (Cetis) for indoor or. According to the Governor Jose Melo, resources, from the state coffers, a financing with the World Bank and the Federal Government, They are cash.

"In announcing this package works, we have the security that all this will happen, because these resources are already in box ", said the governor, after speaking to an audience that packed the government seat auditorium, composed of managers of schools and the Secretariat of Government. The event was also broadcast, via Media Center, the Seduc, for all municipalities.

The governor spoke of the satisfaction to be launching the works package for education. "Of all my joys I had in two years governor, this is the biggest one, because I am passionate about education, I know that education is the only way capable of transforming the son of a poor father a winner. My father was tapper, I was illiterate until 12 years old and now I'm here, talking to you. Therefore, education is the path and what I can do for the education of operators, teachers, teachers, managers and staff working in the pedagogical part, can exercise, the right clearly and comfortably, the sacred duty of educating this my government will do ".

The package is divided between work in progress and those which will still start. Underway in capital, for example, They have three schools being built and nine schools and more a cultural center being renovated, with investments of R $ 53,4 millions. not inside, 07 Full-Time Education Centers (Cetis) and ten standard schools are being built. Others 35 schools are being renovated or enlarged, with total investments of R $ 201,6 millions.

In the work package beginning on 2017 They are 12 Cetis to interior municipalities, which together totaled R $ 207 millions; more 16 new schools in the capital (R$ 130 millions) e 22 not inside (R$ 121 millions). Weds still reform 80 schools in and 19 in capital, which together totaled R $ 218 million and adequacy 17 regular schools in the capital and the interior to be converted into full-time schools (R$ 98 millions). The package also includes R $ 81,2 million for building maintenance.

The Secretary of Education Algemiro Lima assured that most of the works, if not yet started, start soon. "Many of these projects is already running. The other part is already auctioned, like the 12 Cetis new inland, with service order already for tomorrow. And the works taken as minor, which are reforms, we will work in the bidding project execution and they will start from June this year ".

Algemiro explained that only the Amazon of the Education Development Plan (Padeam), It is financed by the World Bank, with consideration of the State, They are available R $ 500 millions, of which R $ 207 million is for the construction of new schools full-time.

All for Life
Among the works in progress are announced and the construction of gymnasiums and sports courts in schools. The idea that the governor, It is to provide all equipment for schools, starting in April, they can open on weekends and holidays for the program All for Life. "We serve the people with all state services in education, health, security and entertainment. This program will be a kind of protective umbrella for families and youth ", said the governor.

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