Man sentenced to pay $ 10 thousand for defaming a known in WhatsApp

The victim claimed that the man used the application to tell friends about an alleged sexual relationship between them, using vulgar terms to make slanderous statements.
20/01/2017 12h30 - Updated 20/01/2017 12h30
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A man of 28 years was sentenced by Justice of São Paulo to pay compensation of R $ 10 thousand to a known who had been defamed by him in WhatsApp groups.

The victim, from 21 years, He filed the lawsuit in late 2015, but only on the last day 13 January the case had its conclusion. She claimed that the boy, Gabriel Alves Correa de Araujo, I had used the application to tell friends about an alleged sexual relationship between them, using vulgar terms to make slanderous statements.

In 19 May last year, Judge Tamara Hochgreb Matos upheld the applicant, highlighting that “defendant's conduct, in addition to mistreat the right to image, privacy and intimacy of the author, imported outrage to his mental health, causing him obvious psychological imbalance”. “It remained amply demonstrated that the defendant gave the plaintiff, vulgar and humiliating, in talks with a group of friends / acquaintances common, sexual conduct and servile behavior, both untruthful, by Author.”

“Social networks, increasingly used, They are relevant communication channels, especially in the face of the enormous speed of message traffic, images and news, can potentially reach a indeterminable number of people, since most of the social networks have replication mechanisms of messages, as in the specific case of WhatsApp”, said the magistrate. “Like this, a message may have its contents known by a multitude of people, often unknown to himself responsible for the original publication.”

It was agreed that Araújo had to pay $ 10 thousand the girl as compensation for moral damages, but he filed a request for appeal, then the story dragged on until earlier this year, when Silverio da Silva judge denied the request.

In an interview with UOL, the defendant ensured that “everything was resolved” and said it will pay. the site, the victim's judge, Alexis Claudio Muñoz Palma, He said he is also suing the boy in the criminal sphere. “And certainly he will be punished”, bet.

It was not isolated case

This was not the first time that the Justice of São Paulo framed a man who used WhatsApp to offend a woman. At the end of last year, a professional public relations was sentenced to pay R $ 20 thousand a lawyer who swore to “feminist daughter p *”.

The confusion was because she bothered to see him utter sexist insults against former President Dilma Rousseff. The judge said, at the time, that no one is "forced to agree politically with anyone, but that does not give you the right, by warmer it is the discussion, to adopt a conduct so disgusting, typical of totalitarian movements”

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