Marcelo Odebrecht gives evidence the judge in Curitiba

The objective was to confirm that the executive agreed willingly and without being coerced, establish whistleblower according awarded the MPF to provide details about the corruption scheme.
27/01/2017 10h12 - Updated 27/01/2017 10h12
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The businessman Marcelo Odebrecht provided, this morning (27), testimony to help judge Marcio Schiefler, working in the minister's office Teori Zavscki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). The hearsay was the headquarters of the Federal Court, in Curitiba.

The objective was to confirm that the executive, that is stuck in Curitiba since June 2015, He agreed willingly and without being coerced, in establishing whistleblower according awarded the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) to provide details of the corruption scheme involving the construction company Odebrecht and Petrobras. Another company executive was also heard by Marcio Schiefler Friday.

This is a formal step in the process for the award whistleblower can be approved, this is, so that it becomes legally valid. The minister Teori Zavascki, who died in a plane crash last week, He was rapporteur of Lava Jato in the Supreme Court and had authorized their auxiliary judges reap the testimonials confirmation yet in January, during the recess of the Judiciary.

The statements had stopped after the death of relator, but the assistant judges of the minister were authorized, on Tuesday (24), to resume procedures. The order came from the president of the Supreme Court, Minister Carmen Lucia, who must decide on urgent actions during recess.

Dozens of 77 executives and former employees of Odebrecht who signed whistleblower agreements awarded the MPF were heard this week by the auxiliary judges Teori Zavascki. You can not know the exact number because of the secrecy in the approval process.

The expectation now is whether the minister Carmen Lucia will homologate, herself, the denunciations of Odebrecht, as advocated by organizations such as the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB). She has until next Wednesday, 1Th February, to decide whether to approvals before defining who will get the Rapporteur of Lava jet in Supreme.

If you want, Carmen Lucia can homologate vigilantism sliced ​​form, since each 77 requests for approval has its own processes.

Source: Agency Brazil

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