'Moa' appears among 14 identified bodies and released by IML

According to DPTC identifications are being made through dental records and fingerprint.
05/01/2017 15h19 - Updated 5/01/2017 17h06

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The name of the former police officer, Moacir Jorge da Costa Person, o 'Moa', famous in the local media for their involvement with the case Wallace, It appears among the identified bodies and released by the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) after the rebellion Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj).

According to Police Department report technical and scientific (DPTC) , of 56 bodies that came from the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj), 46 They were identified and 14 already been released. The Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP), all four bodies were released.

According to the director of DPTC, Jefferson Mendes, IDs are being made through dental records and fingerprint. For those which can not be identified by these two methods, as is the case for bodies which were carbonized, will be carried out DNA testing.

check it, below, the list of already identified bodies and released:
1 - Arthur Gomes Junior Peres

2 - Dheick gives Silva Castro

3 - Errailson Ramos de Miranda

4 - Francisco Pereira Pessoa Filho

5 - Magaiwer Vieira Rodrigues

6 - Rafael Moreira da Silva

7 - Raijean gives Incarnation Medeiros

8 - Felipe de Oliveira Carneiro

9 - Harley Romulo Da Silva

10 - Edney Ferreira Gomes

11 - Alessandro Nery Beach

12 - Matthew Felipe Nascimento Silva

13 - Moacir Jorge da Costa Person

14 - Gezildo Nunes da Silva

1 - Andrei Chaves de Moura Castro

2 – Kevin Klive Silva Ramos

3 - Paulo Henrique Santos Lagos

4 - Carlos Augusto Nascimento Galucio

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