New operation demand goods that disappeared from the Municipality of Maués

Document filed with the Civil Police alert new evidence pointing destination and addresses where they would be lost materials.
17/01/2017 09h17 - Updated 17/01/2017 13h25
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The municipality of Maués (a 258 kilometers from Manaus) filed today (16), the Civil Police of the municipality, new request for search and seizure of missing equipment and goods of local public bodies in the previous administration. Or document, delivered by the Attorney General, alert to new evidence pointing the destination and the address where the materials would be lost.

The new action takes place five days after the Civil Police of Amazonas recovered in one of the houses of the former mayor Father Carlos Garcia, 36 public goods belonging to different municipal departments and were missing.

By determining the current mayor Junior Milk, all secretaries, coordinators and agencies and municipal departments directors are conducting a comparative survey of what is stated in the equity of their respective folders and what was actually found, after January 1.

"The first few days are to clean the house. And preliminary results are frightening in all public administration. The next step will be the police reports of record at the police station so that the population of Maués know the reality that we are encountering ", He explained the mayor Junior Milk.

One of the worst examples of neglect of public assets in Guarana Earth is in the Municipal Health, which were found only 40 air conditioning units - a total of 237 declared in the equity ratio.

With a population of 61 thousand (IBGE estimates for 2016), Maués has only one ambulance in a position to do service in the urban area. "The others are stalled because the engines disappeared, equipment until the tires', said Secretary Ildnav Trajano, adding that vessels (ambulanchas) e 11 outboards used to meet the rural communities are also missing.

In the area of ​​education, initial estimates indicate that R $ 1 million in equipment (computers, air conditioners, furniture and even dishes and cutlery) They are 'lost'. "In the office filing did not find a ream of paper, only five boxes of chalk and six notebooks ", He warned the incumbent minister, John Libânio.

In the Rural Production Secretary, Luis Carlos Dinelli manager is doing a marathon in the city to find and retrieve equipment that belonged to the body and have been sold or transferred to third, as a brooder eggs with capacity to house six thousand young.

"Part of the public property was handed over to other people and other party does not have conditions of use or do not know the whereabouts as tractors, GPS devices, voadeiras and engines ", he explained Dinelli.

The scrapping of heavy vehicles, as trucks, shovel loaders and dumpsters in the latest management Maués, He transformed the courtyard of the Works Department in a real junkyard with scraps that should serve the people.

"The above managers withdrawing parts of a vehicle for use in another, no concern to replace or repair. The school bus that has only two buses in precarious conditions of circular and seven completely destroyed ", said the Infrastructure Secretariat Solange Cristina Rocha.


With all the police reports of departments and public bodies to be registered in the coming days, the Maués Prefecture will ask new search warrants and seizure in the police and through its Attorney General, It will also be proposed actions by administrative impropriety against former mayor and his secretaries.

"We are completing the reviews of the financial situation of Maués, but we can already say that the same disregard for the material heritage was also found in the use of public money. Both are crimes and we will charge those responsible in court ", assured the mayor Junior Milk.

Last Friday (13), the mayor provided two mobile numbers (9.9487-2697 e 9.8853-3294) to the hotline service, in which the population can inform about the fate of some public good belonging to the city. "Even paintings and works of art Maués Man Museum were taken and only with the people we find", said Mayor.

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