PF triggers operation to investigate alleged fraud scheme in Box

The PF investigates fraud scheme in the release of credits in the period 2011 e 2013.
13/01/2017 10h18 - Updated 13/01/2017 11h49
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The Federal Police (PF) triggered today (13) Operation Cui Bono to investigate alleged fraud scheme in the release of credits Caixa Economica Federal in the period 2011 e 2013. Seven search and seizure warrants are being met in São Paulo, no Federal District, Bahia and Paraná.

According to PF, the alleged scheme had the participation, no period, the then Corporate Vice President of the Federal Savings Bank, the vice president of the bank's Asset Management and an institution server whose role was not disclosed, as well as entrepreneurs and business leaders of the cold branches, highway administration utilities, real estate development and an operator of financial markets.

Between March 2011 and December 2013, the Vice President of Legal Entities of the institution was occupied by the Bahian political Geddel Vieira Lima (PMDB). Minister of National Integration 2007 e 2010, the second Lula government, Geddel returned to government in May 2016 as Chief Minister of the Secretariat of Government under President Michel Temer.

The Bahian political left office in November last year, on suspicion of having acted to benefit a construction company in Bahia. The accusation prompted the Public Ethics Commission of the Presidency to open proceedings to determine the ethical conduct of former minister.

The investigation of Operation Cui Bono - Latin phrase which in Portuguese means "who benefits?"- It is an offshoot of Operation orations, triggered in December 2015, during Operation Lava Jato, when federal police found a cell phone in the residence then Speaker of the House of Representatives, former deputy federal Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), which revealed intense exchange of electronic messages between Cunha and Geddel. The operation was intended to avoid that important evidence would be destroyed by the investigated Lava Jato.

Elected mayor in February 2015, Cunha became the target of complaints, including involvement in illicit business of private companies with Petrobras and maintaining secret accounts abroad. Set back from the presidency of the Chamber, Cunha had the mandate revoked in September last year for lying in Petrobras CPI on ownership of accounts. Wedge is stuck in Curitiba since the day 19 of October, during Operation Lava Jato.

According to the Federal Police, messages found in the seized cell in Cunha house indicate that the investigated received advantage to release credits Caixa Econômica for large companies, which may indicate the commission of corruption offenses, conspiracy and money laundering. As some of the suspects enjoyed privileged forum, the investigation was initially conducted by the Supreme Court. After the main suspects deviate from office and public functions, the Court referred the investigation to the Federal Court in the Federal District.

sought, the PMDB's staff reported that Geddel has not yet ruled. The report could not contact the former minister and lawyers Eduardo Cunha.

in a statement, Box said that the bank is in permanent contact with the authorities, providing unrestricted cooperation with investigations, procedure will continue to be adopted by the institution.

Source: Agency Brazil

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