Revenue releases consultation today the residual batch of Income Tax

It includes residual refunds for the years of 2008 a 2016.
09/01/2017 11h17 - Updated 9/01/2017 11h17
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Since 9 hours of Monday (9), will be available for consultation the multiexercício batch of refund of Income Tax of Individuals. It includes residual refunds for the years of 2008 a 2016, He informed the IRS.

Bank credit to 177.539 taxpayers will be held on 16 Of this month, R $ 370 millions. Of this total, R$ 6,768 million will be allocated to elderly taxpayers (21.130) and with some physical or mental disability or serious illness (2.232).

The correction by the Selic rate amount to be refunded varies 9,92% (for refunds relating to 2016) e 91,49% (for the 2008).

To find out if they had the statement released, the taxpayer must access the page recipe on the Internet, or call Receitafone 146.

In consultation with the Revenue page, the service e-CAC, You can access the statement extract and see if there are data inconsistencies identified by processing. In this case, the taxpayer can review the inconsistencies and make autorregularização, by delivery of rectifying statement.

Tablets e smartphones

Revenue available, still, application for tablets and smartphones to facilitate consultation with the statements of Income Tax for Individuals and registration status with the CPF (Individual registration).

With it you can see directly on the basis of IRS release information about the refund of the tax and the registration status of a CPF.

The refund will be available in the bank for one year. If the taxpayer does not make the rescue this time, It should require through the Internet, by Electronic Form – Restitution Payment Request, or directly on the e-CAC, Processing in Extract service Income Tax Return of Individuals.

If the amount is not credited, the taxpayer may personally contact any BB branch or call the Customer Service Center by telephone 4004-0001 (capital), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) e 0800-729-0088 (exclusive special phone for the deaf) to schedule the credit current account or savings, in your name, at any bank.

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