SEAP authorizes visit the prisons of the BR-174 and UPP this weekend

To organize the entry of visitors were divided into each prison unit pavilions that will receive the registered family.
26/01/2017 17h10 - Updated 27/01/2017 10h00
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The State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) will authorize this weekend's visit to the prisons located in km 8 BR-174 and the Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP). To organize the entry of visitors were divided into each prison unit pavilions that will receive the registered family on Saturday (28) and not Sunday (29). The goal is to have greater control of the number of people circulating in the units and humanize care to family, considering that the prison units do not have space to accommodate a large number of people.

According to Secretary of State for Prison Administration, PM Lieutenant Colonel, Cleitman Coelho, after the level of tension in the units since the events of January 1, SEAP checked the behavior and routine internal and could evaluate the units have more controlled situations, acceptable and no change, allowing visits occur normally.

"We made our first experience at last weekend, releasing visits the Women's Penitentiary in Manaus (PFM) and Provisional Female Detention Centers (CDPF) and Male (CDPM). We also observed some adjustments that need to be made, and the first day we delay in queues and at the entrance of visitors to the pavilions of CDPM. We are working so that these situations are resolved and that this weekend the family can have more time with the internal ", evaluated the Secretary.

safety limit
The secretary also explained about the measure adopted for the next visits and, previously, on weekends, units opened for visits in all pavilions, on both days. "The initiative to open now only 50% the unit in a day and 50% in another, It is to ensure that the safety limit of people per room is serviced and that visitors have better environment for socializing during the day that pass in the units ", explained Lt. Col. Cleitman.

This being the first visit released to all units this year, It was defined a scale with the directions of the units to better control and organization. The visits will run through a rotation by area, pavilions and galleries that will receive family, and a part of each unit to receive visits on 28 and elsewhere on 29. The idea is the following week end continue with a range, alternating the pavilions that receive visit on Saturday and Sunday.

Adjustments Vidal Person
Cleitman Coelho explains that for Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa (CPDRVP) They are still being made adjustments so that the unit can receive visitors and that the inmates were also not released for contact with family members because they still comply with disciplinary action.

"The forecast we have is for the second or third weekend of February, What is the forecast for the stress level decrease in Vidal Person. The internal need to complete the sanction period due to events organized by them on 8 from January. The unit also needs some measures to ensure the safety of all who will circulate in the public jail when it is released to family members visit their relatives who are imprisoned ".

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