Temer convenes meeting to discuss public safety

More of 130 deaths are registered after riots in prisons in various cities, including Manaus.
17/01/2017 09h26 - Updated 17/01/2017 09h26
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After the successive rebellions in prisons of several states that resulted in more than 130 deaths, the public safety issue is meeting topic convened by President Michel Temer. Representatives of the Federal Police, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what), Institutional Security Office and the Armed Forces participate in meeting today (17), the Presidential Palace. The idea is to integrate efforts to combat organized crime.

The Minister of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, discusses the matter also in a meeting today with Security secretaries nationwide. You will hear the story of each of the prison situation.

Tomorrow, It will be the turn of the Governors meet with President Michel Temer. They will sign agreement committing to comply with the National Public Security Plan. Launched just over ten days, the plan provides for the construction of, at least, five federal prisons, the installation of cell phone blockers and scanners in prison and a campaign to review sentences and the conditions in which they are prisoners.

Source: Agency Brazil

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