The importance of police and social chaos in Brazil

10/02/2017 13h46 - Updated 10/02/2017 13h46
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Chaos installed in the State of the Holy Spirit is the clear reflection of the lack of public policies, highlighting not only the public safety in our country, but, also the security officer, which is a renegade pífia structure and archaic working model.

To think that the strike linked by family members of military, it's an absurd, or injures the right to security of citizens, without thinking about the degree of carelessness and self-sacrifice which the military police are submitted, It shows that our society is unable to appreciate those who should be considered heroes, by donating their lives to community.

We live in a social and moral disarray, which reverses the natural order of things. The same people who cry and demand social order, an honest position of police, these same approaches that criticize and complain about the existence of police forces, They are plundering, kill, rape and steal, when there is the absence of military.

Let us imagine that the duty activists, who advocate the abolition of police, and protection of marginal, had her wish?! Savagery and barbarism assolariam our leading country to end, without us good citizens, We had defense chances.

Require honesty and morality of political entities is a constant, especially on social networks, where it is easy to judge and disseminate opinions. Experience and adopt ethical behavior in day-to-day it seems difficult, as, we could not get at least maintain civility, given the lack of a repressor agent.

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