correctional officer is sent to the police station on suspicion of drug trafficking and facilitate entry of prohibited materials

The SEAP agent was caught with several cell phones and narcotics on Sunday morning (5).
05/02/2017 14h44 - Updated 6/02/2017 10h48
Photo: Press Release / SEAP

The State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) caught, on Sunday morning (5), a prison officer with several cell phones and narcotics in Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa (CPDRVP), located at Avenida Sete de Setembro. Hermes Alberto Ugarte Junior server was sent to the 1st District Integrated Police (1º DIP) for flagrant procedures and will be charged with drug trafficking and materials entry facilitation prohibited in prison.

The occurrence happened around 8 am, when Hermes was coming to the unit and was intercepted by police of the Department of Penitentiary Intelligence (dipen) the SEAP, who seized all the materials that were with the agent, preventing objects from entering the Jailhouse.

According to the Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Lieutenant Colonel Military Police Cleitman Rabbit, Dipen the working with information that Hermes deliver a firearm to internal, and the approach was seized a large quantity of prohibited materials. “Our intelligence services could intercept reports that action happen today. The agent had searched the car and inside the vehicle materials were found”.

Hermes was carrying at the time of approach 500 grams of narcotic equipment, 15 cell, 11 chargers, 11 headphones, 2 batteries, 1 serra, 5 pliers, 2 screwdriver, 1 hammer, 2 scissors, 2 Lamp nozzles, 3 handcuff key, 1 mirror and R $ 1.459,50 in kind.

The Secretary Cleitman Coelho reinforces the SEAP is stepping up the magazines and approaches in internal family, System employees and other persons moving in units, to curb the entry of prohibited materials in prisons. “revised procedures are more stringent and we will forward the entire station and anyone who is caught with materials that are not allowed in units”, said Secretary.

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