Amazonas state school students begin school year

The school year will be extended until 14 from December, a total of 200 school days.
06/02/2017 14h50 - Updated 7/02/2017 09h57
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More of 402 thousand students in 62 Amazon municipalities returned to school activities on Monday (6), after the inauguration of Full-Time Education Center (CETI) José Cavalcante Netherlands in the municipality of Borba (a 215 kilometers from Manaus). The school was inaugurated by Governor Jose Melo, also, He announced new infrastructure projects to bring more social and economic development for the city.

Borba was the second city of Madeira Trough visited by Governor Jose Melo, He was also on Saturday (4), in Nova Olinda do Norte, accompanied by first lady, Fabiana Gomes, and his entourage of state secretaries for compliance with extensive government agenda in two locations.

According to the Governor Jose Melo, new schools will be delivered this year, thinking about the future of the state. “My state has reached the end of last year between the three with fiscal balance, and this enabled attract investment from the Federal Government to develop projects in the capital and the interior of Amazonas. And when we opened works with that in education we are taking care of the future of many families. We will still open 53 new schools full-time and standard schools already thinking about the future of many families”.

During his speech, Governor Jose Melo said that will give the work order for the paving of roads “Borba- MAPI” e “Aixina-canum” to develop the New Economic Environment Matrix project. The roads have the potential for economic development in the primary sector.

“We are paving 48 vicinal to the implementation of fish farming and fruit growing project with the New Economic Environmental Matrix, no Status. We will invest this year R $150 million to open these tanks and buy equipment, and enlarge our fingerlings production capacity. And Borba sure that these roads will provide new economic achievements for thousands of families”.

support FPS
To support the social segment of Borba, Governor José Melo emphasized the participation of the honorary president of the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), Fabiana Gomes, for the implementation of the School of Arts Claudio Santoro. Besides that, FPS will provide support for the construction of the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (Apae) and Pestallozi. The aid for the construction of the Social Catholic Church Borba center is also on the commitments agenda of the State Government to the city.

Package works
The governor Jose Melo emphasized on the works package for the Education of R $ 1,1 billion to 2017 e 2018. O plane, launched in January this year, includes construction, renovation and expansion of schools in the capital and in the interior, reaching, according to secretariat, near 480 thousand students.

The state secretary of education, Algemiro Lima, He pointed out that this investment should provide more quality in education, in view of the fruit caused by the expressive approval of students of the state for public universities 2016.

“This promising work that Governor Jose Melo has with education is fundamental to could raise the quality of education in our region. Two years ago, We recorded an average of 200 students entering universities. In 2016, We jumped to two thousand students from public schools passed the vestibular”.

If anyone excited for the full school run are students of Borba. This is the case of Heloisa da Silva, 17, who will finish high school in the new school, and plans to enter the University for medical school. “I am eager to study and prepare for my college dreamed, which is Medicine. I'm sure this school will have a basis for it”.

As Heloise, is the student Elton Days, 15, that will make the second year of high school. He says he always envisioned the day that would enter the school to continue their studies. “Almost every day went ahead and already dream of studying in a structure like this. Here at school we have this support of science laboratories as we have never had in our city. So give to have a good idea of ​​how it will be good to study.”

School Structure
The Ceti José Cavalcante Netherlands has the capacity to serve thousand students, offering high school full-time mode.

With standard structure, the Ceti is equipped with 24 rooms air-conditioned classrooms; computer labs and science; library; pool; football field; indoor sports court; music and dance room; room for dental and psychological care; martial arts room; and refectory.

Its physical structure is further increased administrative environments; room for teachers and technicians; kitchen; bathrooms with adaptations for people with disabilities; office for client service and parking for servers. The school structure is adapted with access ramps for free movement of persons with disabilities.

School year
According to school calendar 2017, established by the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC), the school year in state schools in the capital and the interior, that no day begins 6 of February, falls until 14 from December, totalizing 200 school days.

Near 594 the state public schools started school activities on Monday (6). Of this total, 230 They are located in Manaus and 364 not inside.

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