Amazon has one of the three best financial situations in Brazil, points Globo newspaper

Even being the most affected by the crisis state, a study of Tendencias Consultoria Integrada, shows the AM as one of the three most economically balanced according to the Ministry of Finance.
07/02/2017 15h42 - Updated 8/02/2017 11h10
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A study of Tendencias Consultoria Integrada, published by the Globo newspaper, He pointed out that the Amazon was the one who suffered most from the crisis in Brazil in the last two years, having the largest cumulative decline of GDP (12,2%) between 2015 e 2016. nevertheless, thanks to a balanced state management, the country's largest state ended the last year as a cost of the three most balanced according to the Ministry of Finance, one of the ones with the public accounts and payroll in days.

"The Amazon, due to the Free Trade Zone, It is highly industrialized and, therefore more sensitive to economic cycles. We feel it. For this reason, I chose to do management, and in doing so created bitter measures. These measures gave me a great political wear, But we come to the end of 2016 with the balance in public accounts. I took the decisions and we now have a balanced state, I paid the salaries of servants, not close health facilities. we were, inclusive, one of the few to pay 13 to servers ", said Governor Jose Melo.

With the crisis, the Free Zone had a fall in the number of jobs 130 thousand to only 80 one thousand, which directly affected the trade and service sectors. In real numbers, the fall of the Amazon tax revenue was R $ 9.087 billion in 2015 and R $ 8,116 billion in 2016, which did not prevent the State Government announced investments of R $ 1,5 billion for the year 2017. To fill this gap, Melo explains that sought extraordinary funds coming from loans, financing and repatriation, which resulted in a contribution of $ 1,2 billion for the state.

“The crisis also hit trade and services. Like this, We suffered with the fall in tax collection. I opted for austerity, cutting the flesh, but taking right decisions, instead of making political proselytism. Thereby, I got loans and goings of other means funds to ensure a functional economy. Not to mention the political reforms that apply, where repactuamos contracts, reduced secretariats, commissioned positions, ultimately, enxugamos public machine ", said the governor.

Employment Generation
In addition to the investment package, the governor said that work hard in 2017 in stimulating the generation of employment and income. Melo revealed that plans to increase credit to small businesses by strengthening the state program of microcredit People's Bank, maintained by the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam). The initial forecast and the program count on resources of R $ 66 millions.

In less than two years, the People's Bank benefited 26 thousand entrepreneurs and a total of R $ 124,5 million in funded amounts. The largest share of funding is allocated to the interior, where the program has been viewed as the "salvation of agriculture" for family agriculture, mainly due to the low interest rates - 3% per year, with one year of grace. While in the capital were held 12 thousand credit operations, involving an amount of R $ 52,7 millions, in the state were held 14 one thousand, financing an amount of R $ 71,8 millions.

Also to stimulate job creation and creation of a new economic base, Governor highlighted the implementation of the Environmental Economic Matrix, you only have this year invested R $ 450 millions, focused on the development of the interior from encouraging activities, such as fish farming and fruit growing.

"With the implementation of our Mother, we will create a new economic and sustainable contribution to the Amazon, which no longer depend only industry. If this alternative has already been developed, our state would not have felt this crisis and would certainly be the country's largest economy. This is the motto of our work 2017, the generation of employment and income in a sustainable manner adding value to forest assets preservation and development ", He completed the governor.

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