Argentinos Juniors Boca landed in Manaus for season training with the Amazon team Wrestling

A group of six Argentines who defend the traditional wrestling Boca Juniors chose the Olympic Village of Manaus to enhance the technical.
07/02/2017 15h15 - Updated 7/02/2017 15h15
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Not only in football that Argentines are among the best. In wrestling also. Emerging in sport, like Brazil, a group of six Argentines who defend the traditional wrestling Boca Juniors chose the Olympic Village of Manaus to improve the techniques and grow side of the top of the sport in the country. The Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), supports the exchange.

Indicated by the Brazilian Confederation of Wrestling (CBW), the hermanos came to the exchange that should last 22 days, all to catch the "Brazilian way" of ground fighting. The fighters – Mauro González, Guillermo Rodriguez, Thomas Ledesma, Jeremiah Gallardo, Benjamín Lipszyc e Dário Cardozo – They started their training in the afternoon Monday, day 06, Atop Center Fight Income and meshing with the Amazons is with all gas.

"It's a very important exchange and will give a raised at the technical level of our athletes. It is very important and valid athletes come to the Amazon, as well as our train elsewhere, In other countries. We are on the right way. They (Argentine) They are sucking we have good and we're sucking them. Technically we are better and some athletes have a high level. It is an exchange of experience ", said coach Waldeci Silva.

Experienced between the six Hermanos aged between 18 a 20 years and with several national and international titles, Dario Cardozo, 37 years, awaiting an evolution of the whole group after the end of the season training. According to him, preparation already serve to disputes of this season.

"Since I am the oldest of Boca and group trainer who is in Manaus is a great opportunity to make this exchange. It is a training to seek the qualifier for the Pan American Junior and an opportunity to aprimorarmos our techniques. It's a great experience for our athletes train here, and also know the techniques and exchange knowledge with very Brazilian ", He highlighted responsible for delegation, exalting the love for the biggest club in Argentina.

"Rivalry only in football and not off the field. The mouth is the team that allows the entire structure to our training. We are friends of Brazilians always and we are here to learn ", he said.

Two years ago in the fight, Benjamín Lipszyc, from 18 years, use the exchange to prepare for the Pan American Junior. Homesickness, according to him, does not hinder performance and reception of Amazon makes passage through the Amazon capital more enjoyable. "For two weeks I will prepare for the Pan American Junior, no Peru, in June. First will be selective, then we go to the Pan. It is the beginning of our preparation and training here is very important. We will learn many techniques with Brazilian ", said the fighter.

Venezuelans next
Main pole of wrestling in Brazil, the Olympic Village has received only in January athletes of São Paulo and Natal. The arrival of the Argentines did not close the season exchange. The next athletes to come perform preparation in Manaus are Venezuela. All are hosted in the hotel's sports complex.

"The idea is to promote exchange. Here in the village we have a very good training facility and hotel. Now they are coming athletes from Venezuela that should come in the coming months. No exchange has not evolution. We expect more close partnership so that we can bring our fighters to Azerbaijan ", He finished Waldeci.

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