Itinerant Support Services AFEAM the People's Bank in the state is back

With micro-credit offer of up to R $ 15 one thousand, action ensures important boost socio-economic development.
12/02/2017 15h03 - Updated 13/02/2017 11h24
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The Agency Amazonas Government Development (Afeam) start, in this Monday, day 13 of February, the itinerant actions this year the People's Bank in the State. With micro-credit offer of up to R $ 15 one thousand, action ensures important boost socio-economic development, especially in the current time of crisis that the country is going through, the maintenance and creation of thousands of jobs. No last day 6, the AFEAM started schedules of the People's Bank in Manaus.

In this month, the service starts with the municipalities of Alto Solimões Trough: from 13 a 17 February in Northern Watchtower; 13 a 21 em Benjamin Constant, São Paulo de Olivença, Amaturá, Santo Antonio do lea, Tonantins, Jutaí and Fonte Boa; and the next day 13 a 22, Tabatinga.

In municipalities where there put the AFEAM (Manipur, Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Tefé and Eirunepé), the service is throughout the year. in other, It is conducted in partnership with the Development Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Sustainable Amazonas Government (Execution) and Sebrae. The Idam technicians meet farmers; and Sebrae, those interested in microfinance from other economic sectors.

Opportunity to foster business
– for traders, cooperatives, agribusinesses or just farming families, the financing offered by the People's Bank means a breath in crisis, unique opportunity to foster business. The interest rate is 3% per year, payment periods are 24 or 48 months, up to six months for the first payment (shortage).

Since the launch of the People's Bank by Governor Jose Melo, in April 2015, R$ 128,8 million in microcredit were funded throughout the state, for a total of 26.841 thousand credit operations. Of this total, R$ 73,3 million were released in the State, in 14.300 thousand operations, with emphasis on family farming. Manioc, artisanal fishing, banana, açaí and vegetables were the most financed cultures.

The estimate is that all this investment in the state economy has maintained and / or generated 80.523 work stations.

full calendar
– From March, the People's Bank follows the Trough of Rio Negro / Solimões and Presidente Figueiredo; Trough Wood, Middle Solimões and Parintins in April; Juruá trough in May; Trough the Purus River and Rio Preto da Eva in June; Solimões Trough and Novo Airão in July; and Lower Trough and Middle Amazon in August.

The population of the districts of the interior of the Amazon as the Amazon Village, as Agrovilas do Caburi e do Mocambo, Santo Antônio Bodies, Vila Rica de Caviana, Novo Remanso and Engenho Village have service on specific dates, as full schedule of service, available on the site AFEAM (, Idam in the office or at 0800 286 3066.

Technical maintenance of Idam for farmers – The farmers in the state are having technical tracking Idam for access to credit lines of the People's Bank AFEAM. To accredit, the farmer should look for a unit of the Institute in their municipality.

According to the agronomist and Rural Credit manager Idam, Pedro Chaves, technicians are qualified to meet the producers and guide them throughout the process, including monitoring the property for inspection and analysis of activity, as well as advice to set the investment needs.

"Our role is to facilitate access to the beneficiary's public credit facilities offered by the financial agent (Afeam), so that the producer can invest in the cost of agricultural activities, forest, fishing, livestock, pisciculture, and the acquisition of machinery and equipment and infrastructure to support production ", Pedro stands.

For the primary sector, They were made available R $ 14,4 million within the People's Bank of microcredit line. Farmers can have access to financing of up to R $ 15 one thousand, which can be invested in the acquisition of equipment as voadeiras, outboard motors, flour ovens, inputs for the preparation of the field, machines for the production flow, among others.

The cassava producer Claodenor Smith was one of the beneficiaries of the credit line offered by AFEAM last year. Located in KM 21 to BR -174, in Rosewood extension, Claodenor the property already has 2 hectares of mechanized area. "Average, produzo 20 tons of cassava per cycle and this was only possible after the mechanization of field and line of credit investments ", said.

The technical monitoring of Idam is performed throughout the process. Even after the credit release by AFEAM, the farmer continues to receive assistance and guidance for the use of resources and project implementation.

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