People's Bank offers R $ 66 million to microcredit

The schedule for the lectures, the first step to request funding, starts on Monday (6).
04/02/2017 12h00 - Updated 4/02/2017 12h00
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The People's Bank, the Amazonas State Development Agency (Afeam), provide R $ 66 million in microloans this year 2017. The schedule for the lectures, the first step to request funding, starts on Monday, 6, and shall be solely in the AFEAM site, through the link People's Bank.

Self-employed workers, farmers, liberal professionals, individual micro and small entrepreneurs and small businesses can finance between R $ 500 and R $ 15 one thousand, conditioned, about everything, the ability to pay and the need for investment in business – industrial, commercial, services and rural.

Held scheduling, the applicant appears to AFEAM marked the day and time to attend the orientation lecture on the micro-credit program. If the person fits the profile covered by the People's Bank, the same is sent to the training course offered by Sebrae. Once this is done, the customer enters the process for the application resource.

Financial charges and payment terms are differentiated from those offered by the financial market. "The government's proposal is to stimulate entrepreneurship, the generation of employment and income, especially in this time of economic crisis in which we live ", highlights the president of AFEAM, Alex Del Giglio.

The People's Bank, created in 2015 by the Government of Amazonas, It has interest rate 3% per year. Payment deadlines are up 24 months, It is admitted to three-month grace period for Working Capital; and up 48 months, with up to six-month grace period, Investment Fixed and Mixed.

In 2016, the Bank financed R $ 50,8 million in microcredit, to customers around the Amazon. The value corresponding to 10.243 credit operations, generating or maintaining 30.651 occupations, in all economic sectors.

Exclusive schedule on the site
By accessing the site, the applicant must select the People's Bank icon. After entering personal data, choose the day and time you want to be served. At the end of the procedure, the user receives confirmation of schedule, which can be printed or sent to the phone number entered, via text message (SMS).

No marked day and time, the applicant must attend the headquarters of AFEAM, located at Avenida Constantino Nery, No 5733, Flores neighborhood, Central-West, next to the Fire Department. This day, assists orientation lecture, the first step of the funding application process.

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