Boulevard Band honors and celebrates women 30 years of revelry

At the sound of marchinhas, axé and samba-plot, thousands of people crowded from early afternoon Sunday (19).
20/02/2017 09h56 - Updated 20/02/2017 15h58
Photo: Ingrid Anne/Manauscult

"Whether it 30, 40, 70… Happiness is love ". To celebrate its 30 years of tradition, the Boulevard Band chose to sing what makes it great: the joy of love and, in reference to the age of the band, women's strength in its best phase, the 30 years. At the sound of marchinhas, axé and samba-plot, thousands of people crowded from early afternoon Sunday, 19/2, the avenue that gives name to the band, Boulevard Álvaro Maia, in the south-central city, more than eight hours of programming.

"Carnival is good to play responsibly. In this sense, Manaus City Hall has worked with initiatives to combat child exploitation and integration among the organs. Besides that, support with sound structure, stage and lighting 100 bands and street blocks, by notice. It is with great joy that, in this way, We help to preserve the capital of the Street Carnival, as directed by the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, as a legitimate and popular cultural manifestation ", said the CEO of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

In addition to the marching theme of the band, the sound was on behalf of other attractions invited to sing at the event stage, as the Boulevard Rugrats, well Brazil, and singer Keila Regina and Friends Pagoda Group, as national attractions. Not to let anyone stop, the batteries of the samba schools UK and Victoria Regia, that will give a concert on the promenade during the Parade of Samba Schools 2017 in the next weekend, also led the party.

Family playing, José Luiz Ribeiro, He said that every year goes to the Boulevard Band and accompanied the party of growth. “Today a crowd formed here on the avenue. It is a beautiful and fun party. I bring my children to take advantage of to play costumes and my wife and I we enjoyed the oldest marchinhas”, commented.

Already the reveler reveler William da Silva, dressed as "Captain America", It was early in party mood. "It's my first time on the Boulevard Band, but I'm loving it. It is a band that has tradition, bringing together a wonderful public, with much love and Carnival ", he said.

Founded by Avenue residents, in February 1987, the Boulevard Band is one of the traditional city blocks awarded support structure through the Manauscult notice. The programming of the street carnival continues until 12 March, and can be given in full here:

Bhaixa of Hégua

In the southern part of the city, Learners in the neighborhood, the traditional motorcade opened the Band Bhaixa of Hégua. Honoring fauna and flora Amazon, the band celebrated its 26th edition, encouraging revelers through the neighborhood. The program began at 17h, bringing together local residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

Retired Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos, 66, We arrived early to accompany the parade of Hégua. “I am a resident of Educandos and has been much of revelry, but now I'm at home watching the carnival pass. This year, My niece was invited to be queen of the band and I came honor. There are times I did not play such a carnival”, she told.

The president of the Bhaixa Hégua, Alcides Castro, He led the revelry and told us that, besides the fun, the band has a social role. “This year we came in defense of fauna and flora. It's Carnival, and joy, but it is also an opportunity to warn the population of an important issue, the preservation of the Amazon”, scored.

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