Blitz Consumer Protection Committee results in a fine of Shopping Ponta Negra

Shopping Ponta Negra was fined because it disrespected the Municipal Act, which provides time tolerance 30 minutes.
15/02/2017 11h12 - Updated 15/02/2017 16h41
Photo: Robervaldo Rock / CMM

A blitz conducted by the Consumer Protection Commission of the City of Manaus (COMDEC-CMM), together with the Municipal Procon, on the afternoon of Tuesday (14), It resulted in notice of violation with a fine of 10 thousand to Shopping Ponta Negra, located in the district of the same name, for breaking the Municipal Act 1.269/2008, which provides time tolerance 30 minutes before any collection of parking fee. nonlocal, was found the complaint of users of tolerance only 15 minutes.

The president of COMDEC-CMM, Councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP), who coordinated the action, the infringement committed by shopping the law, made the blitz was conducted that proved the irregularity, "Allowing that we, as the law of tax, we would come here to fining the mall to be disrespecting bylaw ".

The municipal law in question establishes the minimum time 30 minutes for the vehicle stay without paying parking fees in malls, airports or any establishment that maintains pay parking on the premises.

Councilman believes that any questioning by the Malls Association of Brazil, that the law is ruled unconstitutional, You will have to proceed to appeal to the law to be considered as such. "While it does not, and will require fiscalizaremos or cumprimento da lei, in defense of consumer rights ", assured Álvaro Campelo.

Having established the irregularity, Álvaro Campelo and Fabricio Lima, the Procon Manaus surveillance coordinating body, together with the shopping superintendent Ponta Negra, Diogenes Costa, that was issued the notice of violation, which was signed by all. The document defines the fine to the offender, besides the fact that the law provides, in Article 2, that none of the establishments listed in it can function without the right to rule.

The meeting closed, Diogenes Costa told the press that the company responsible for parking, Company Parking Administration and Services S.A., and shopping Ponta Negra, will remain with the reduced tolerance of time until the matter be judged by Justice, who have recourse against the assessment of the consumer protection agencies.

The malls Kapok Park Shopping Mall and Manaus Via Norte were charged during the blitz.

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