Languages ​​will offer scholarship 15,7 thousand jobs in 2017, 53% more than last year

Interested parties have until 23:59 from March 1 to access the Portal Espi and apply.
10/02/2017 13h21 - Updated 10/02/2017 13h21
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low-income students interested in attending English or Spanish should be alert to the Bolsa Language Program (PBI), Manaus Prefecture. The Municipal Public Service School and Inclusion socioeducational (Espi) publishes Notice 2017 on the issue next Monday, 13, Official Gazette of the Municipality (JUDGMENT).

The document will bring the necessary requirements for participation in the process, which starts from noon of the day 14, with electronic registration phase. Interested parties have until 23:59 from March 1 to access the Portal Espi and apply.

Total, They will be offered this year 15.773 vacancies, increased value representing 53% in relation to the event last year. The benefits will be divided into full scholarships (100%) and partial (75% e 50%).

PBI's part 2017 Yes Languages, Lion, Instituto Cultural Brazil United States (Icbeu), My Way Idiomas, English and Company, Quality, and Higher Education Institutions (IES) Nilton Lins, Analysis Center Foundation, Research and Technological Innovation (Fucapi) College and Salesian Don Bosco (FSDB).

According to Espi, body that manages the social and educational inclusion programs of Manaus Prefecture, the bags come, beyond tuition, tuition and teaching materials throughout the duration of benefit.

Para participar do PBI, applicants must meet the following criteria: be resident in the city of Manaus, of age or over 16 years, be enrolled or have completed high school and not be similar program beneficiary kept by the government.

Besides that, interested parties may not have family income greater than a minimum wage and a half (or equivalent to R $ 1.405,50). E, as happens in other programs, the students, is referred, They need firm commitment to develop counterpart activities, no cost to the City.

Calculation of income
To calculate the income and know if you are able to apply for a municipal scholarship, the interested student must take into account the number of people - family or otherwise - who live in the same residence, including himself.

Then, You need to add income (salary, pensions, earnings, among other sources) of all members of the housing and divide by the number of inhabitants. The calculation result, which is the average income, representa a renda familiar per capita. This value, according to Espi, can not exceed the range of R $ 1.405,50.

The Director-General Espi, Fabiana Oliveira Lucena, He explains that applicants should be aware of the information provided in the registration act, because, in case of approval, it must be proven with documents.

"One of the most frequent errors is in the report of income. The students, oftentimes, not inform all members of the household, which influences the per capita income. In some cases, the student to meet the program criteria, but it is eliminated because your income is higher than it should by mistake in the inscription ", Explain.

Schedule and results
Entries must be made exclusively on the Internet, through the Portal Espi, and click on the "Portal Candidate".

After the step of registration, Espi to make the crossing and analysis, between the days 2 e 3 March, and disseminates, no dia 7, the result of the first call of the program.

Students qualified at this stage - or their legal guardians, if they are minors - should attend the School's headquarters to make the delivery of supporting documents, step expected to happen in the days 13 e 14 March.

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