BR-319: The price of neglect

01/02/2017 15h07 - Updated 1/02/2017 15h07
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The direct involvement of the Brazilian Army in the recovery of BR-319, announced by the State Government earlier this week, renews our hopes to finally have our driveable highway along its entire length.

It is clear that the imbroglio that slowed economic progress of the state, by means of road transport during the last 40 years, It is political and has lasted for a long period. length of time it is not just an economic backwardness, but, the deconstruction of the dreams of countless families, who chose the municipalities along the BR-319 to live.

In times of crisis, where our main economic model suffers from the difficulties to keep jobs, since it is penalized by the high costs to transport supplies, keep the Amazon isolated from other Brazilian states, is an affront to the Amazonian population.

In recent days social networks received image of floods and testimonies, showing the dangers faced by those who need to travel on the highway. Situation that brings the population to the deepest disrespect.

I want to believe that the measures to be announced by the Federal Government, us coming months, as well as spoken by the Governor Jose Melo to local newspapers, indeed contemplate our state, under penalty of witnessing tragedies, with lives being snuffed.

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