public string Raimundo Vidal Pessoa should be disabled until 30 of April

The deadline was established after the Public Prosecutor of Amazonas appeal the decision of Justice extended by 16 months the operation of the prison unit.
23/02/2017 15h36 - Updated 24/02/2017 11h01
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The Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, In Manaus, It should be disabled until 30 of April. The deadline was set during a meeting between the judicial bodies and state, after the Public Prosecutor of Amazonas appeal the decision of Justice that extended for 16 months the operation of the prison unit. The public chain was off since October and was reopened in January this year to receive 284 prisoners transferred from prison of the capital where there were riots with deaths.

The meeting between the bodies was convened yesterday (22) by the State Court of Justice and eventually became a conciliation hearing. The chief judge Graça Figueiredo stressed the importance of listening to all the institutions in seeking solutions to the prison crisis in the capital.

"It's not a simple matter, because it involves a series of measures to be adopted by the impact of the decision to be made; you need to check where these prisoners will be taken, You can leave immediately, if they were being respected the principles of human dignity of custody, among other issues. That is why, It was promoted this meeting with all agencies to reach a solution ", He explained the chief judge.

The prosecutor of Justice, Publius Caius, Coping Group member of the Prisons Crisis State Prosecutor's Office (MP-AM), He said the agency was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and will give up the appeal. "It was good because it was a compromise made in a process that we are moving towards enabling, urgently, the situation of prisoners of the public jail. The part of the state there was understanding, prosecutors, there was understanding and, the other members who are involved, as the Defender and the OAB [Order of Lawyers of Brazil], understanding is that it is reasonable that the proposed ", said attorney.

The government of Amazonas took the conciliation hearing the commitment to transfer all the prisoners of the public jail, provisional or convicted, up until 30 of April, with tolerance to the day 15 of May, and then the space will be totally disabled. The prison unit also will no longer receive detainees from now.

"Through this dialogue we build solutions that are viable both for the state and for the regulatory agencies and to the Court, which examined the decision of the state as responsible for the new revival of Vidal person more for an emergency issue. We arrive at a date for the total deactivation of the chain that is viable both for the state and for the inspection and control bodies ", said State Secretary of Penitentiary Administration, Lieutenant Colonel Cleitman Rabelo Coelho.

During the hearing, It was not set to where the prisoners of the public jail will be transferred, but the State Department of Penitentiary Administration informed, by note, a new prison is under construction and you may receive detainees. Second paste, the Provisional Detention Center 2 it is with 80% of completed works and should be delivered by the end of April this year.

At least four inmates died in a rebellion in Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in the center of Manaus, in early January. Of the four dead, three were beheaded and one died of asphyxiation.

Days before the murders, detainees had provoked uproar on site, protest for more space and better infrastructure conditions. The public chain was disabled since October 2016 upon recommendation of the National Judicial Council (CNJ), but 284 detainees were transferred to the prison after the massacre in the Prison Complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj), which occurred on January 1, which resulted in the death of 60 arrested.

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