Camera sets chairmen and vice-chairmen of the standing technical committees of the CMM

Among the parliamentary reappointed to chair the committee are Álvaro Campelo, Professor Ruiz Therezinha, Professora Jacqueline e Rosivaldo Cordovil.
09/02/2017 14h58 - Updated 9/02/2017 15h00
PHOTO: Robervaldo ROCK / CMM

The chairmen and vice chairmen of the standing technical committees of the Manaus City Hall (CMM) They were announced by the president of the Legislative House, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), during the plenary session on Wednesday (8), after a vote of the city council held at Zany auditorium of Kings.

In this ocasion, Wilker Barreto assured that the definition of technical committees occurred smoothly, with acclaim virtually presidents and vice presidents in all of them. "Regular members reached a consensus in the vote. It was quiet and quickly, Commission by commission, all members made their weightings ", said, to ensure that, next Monday (13), have begun deliberations, with the Agenda.

Second or president, Internal Regulations says the alderman can participate in two to, no maximum, six commissions as member. "Many of them seek commissions with which they have affinity, with a specific theme. we have 21 commissions (to rely on the Executive), and this allows Councilman choose specific committees. Obviously my role as president is to give Committees and the councilman position to work. Now, Commissions only go forward if they have good mood of its members and the President ", he added.

Among the parliamentary reappointed to chair the committee are Álvaro Campelo (PP), Professor Ruiz Therezinha (THE), Professor Jacqueline (PHS) and Councilman Rosivaldo Cordovil (PTN), which remained, respectively, ahead of the Consumer Protection committees (COMDEC), of Education (Comed), Defense and Protection of Women's Rights (COMDPDM) Transport and, Urban Mobility and Public Works (COMTMOP).

Several committees were also changes in the presidency, as the Commission of Constitution, Justice and Writing (CCJR), which was previously headed by former Councilman Mario Fleet (PSDB) and will now be represented by councilor Joelson Silva (PSC). Similarly, the Finance Committee, Economy and Budget (CFEO), before led by former councilman Mitoso (PSD), He went to the presidency of the councilor professor Samuel (PHS).

Already the Commission of Agriculture and Rural Policy (Comagri) It had as president the former alderman Junior Ribeiro (PTN), and the Public Service Commission (Comserp), chaired the 16th Legislature by councilor licensed Elijah Emanuel (PSDB), They are chaired by Councilman professor Gideon Amorim (PMDB). The Healthcare Commission (Comsau), before chaired by Councilman Gilmar Nascimento (PSD), now has as President Councilman Roberto Sabino (PROS). So with the Commission for Culture and Heritage (COMPH), which was chaired by former councilman Arlindo Junior (PROS), going to the chairmanship of the Road Jaildo councilor (PCdoB).

Amid the changes, some first term of councilors also debut as chairman of committees. One is the councilor Colonel Gilvandro Mota (PTC), who will chair the Economic Development Commission, Work and Income (Comdetre). Another is Councilman Wallace Oliveira (PTC) as president of the Legislative House Ethics Committee (Comet) e, the presidency Environmental Commission, Natural resources, Sustainability and Amazon Permanent Surveillance (COMMARESV), Councilman Teacher fransua (PV). Councilman Raulzinho (THE), another rookie, will preside over Affairs Committee Sociocomunitários and Participative Legislation (Comalep).

Presiding committees, council members receive no extra pay or gain different offices.

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