coping Carnival Campaign abuse and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is launched in the AM

The campaign has the theme: "Toy Carnival without Playing with the Rights of Children and Adolescents".
17/02/2017 12h40 - Updated 17/02/2017 12h46
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In the Justice area, Human Rights and Citizenship, the Government of Amazonas launched on Thursday, 16 of February, Confronting the State Campaign Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in court Grêmio Recreativo States Samba School of Alvorada (street Bernardo, Alvorada neighborhood, West zone). The action was supported by the Court of Childhood and Youth, Police protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc), Department of Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), Network A Cry for Life and other defense agencies of the Rights of Children and Adolescents, besides the US samba schools in Alvorada, Aparecida and the UK who have made special presentations to the junior wing.

With the theme "Toy Carnival without Playing with the Rights of Children and Adolescents", the acting secretary of Sejusc, Nildo Mello, He spoke of the importance of inhibiting the commission of the crime, reporting suspected abuse and exploitation to the relevant bodies such as police stations, child protection agencies or the dial 100. "All channels are totally free. the dial 100, the complaint did not need to identify and, certainly, It will help save the victim's life and legally punish the criminal, what, unfortunately, in most cases, He is a member of the family or very close, as a friend or neighbor. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention ", emphasizes Mello.

On site they were shown educational videos on the subject and distributed informational materials. For the high school student, Rita Aparecida, 16 years, They are needed more actions like this to inform people about the problem so that parents and children to prevent. "I enjoyed the videos because it explained how we can defend themselves from possible abusers and not be afraid to seek help. The girls are more at risk than boys but we know that the best thing is to be aware and ask for help if necessary ", ponders.

Increased cases – The holder of DEPCA, Juliana Tuma, He explained that anyone can report, including children and adolescents themselves. She also reported that in 2016 an increase of almost 10% Comparing to 2015, the records of cases of sexual abuse and exploitation, and that rape has the highest rate. "No use to be silent, need for help. The Government of Amazonas is prepared to meet the victims and our team ready to investigate the case and punish the criminals ".

Interior - The interior of the municipalities are also involved in the campaign with the support of municipal managers, no dia 20 of February, next Monday, will participate, along with organized civil society and the State, a videoconference on the topic. The base will be in Seduc the Media Center from 17h to 18h30 and cities, in multimedia classrooms, also, the Seduc.

"As a statewide campaign, the interior can not be left out. We are sending information material to be distributed and we want to emphasize to do inspections at dances and carnival parties are essential, besides strengthening the issue of the complaint by the population, because inside there is a barrier where residents do not seek the help of the competent bodies to report and resolve sexually oriented crimes, even in the case of children and adolescents ", says Mello.

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