world champion jiu-jitsu visit cancer patients at FCECON

The world champion jiu-jitsu, Manauense Xande Ribeiro, and musician and member of the Amazonas band Cocoon, Alex Gil, They were in hospital, knowing the offered treatment to patients structure of the region.
15/02/2017 15h22 - Updated 15/02/2017 15h22
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On the International Day Against Child Cancer, celebrated on Wednesday, 15, the Amazonas State Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon), unit linked to the Department of Health (Sesame), received more than special visitors. The world champion jiu-jitsu, Manauense Xande Ribeiro, and musician and member of the Amazonas band Cocoon, Alex Gil, They were in hospital, knowing the offered treatment to patients structure of the region. In this ocasion, they were able to interact with people with cancers of all ages, including children and adolescents. At the invitation of the initiative came from the medical oncologist Gilmara Rezende, member of the clinical staff of the institution.

During the visit to FCECON, the athlete and musician known important sectors for cancer care, the example of adult and pediatric services Chemotherapy, Children shared wards and ICU, in addition to the outpatient part. During the contact with patients, many were thrilled with the initiative, in particular, the children, who had the opportunity to participate in demonstrations of methods for self defense and found a little about the life of the world champion jiu-jitsu.

Xande Ribeiro lives in California, US us, where there lies 16 years and acts as a professional athlete, but states that began training in martial arts still in Manaus. The Manaus was motivated with the example set by cancer patients who struggle to beat the disease.

"We know that a lot of people facing a much stronger fight our. I think, could have come to Manaus, have fought, won the victory and have had the chance to witness this, who comes here inspired me ", he stressed. Recently, the athlete lost his mother, lung cancer victim, what made him identify with the daily battle for the overcoming of the families of cancer patients.

"Having given a smile for them (patients) It is the least we can do. A sai inspired people, eager to fight. I feel honored to have donated some of my time. We know that medical professionals and nursing to donate one hundred percent for the well-being of these patients ", completed.

patients, in turn, They praised the initiative. Retired Dilce Maria Fonseca, 72, It is eight months ago in specialized treatment in FCECON to fight breast cancer, type of the disease with the highest incidence among women worldwide. Resident Iranduba, municipality in the metropolitan region of Manaus, located 20 kilometers from the capital, she says she found the hospital hope of healing and strength to fight for life. "I am treated very well here and I have a special fondness for nurses". About the visit Wednesday, she said she had never personally spoken to a professional athlete. "It's very nice to meet people like that, that give strength and help us to overcome this phase of life ", he stressed.

The farmer Marilene Pereira da Silva, 33, mother of the little Jonas Wendel, in just ten years, He commented that prolonged treatment causes the boy to face moments of sadness, and humanized actions like this, motivate you to move on. Jonas is specialized treatment from the first year of life and, with presenta visitors, today, could interact and learn a few strokes of jiu-jitsu. "It is important this visit, because it raises the astral. Whenever something like this happens, he is willing to play and talk with people. He is happiest ", said the mother.

The clinical oncologist Gilmara Rezende, who is also a martial arts practitioner, explains that decided to invite the athlete to know the FCECON for his notoriety in the sport and being a state representative abroad, with international projection. It ensures that sport has the power to change the reality of people, not only in the social area, but also as a means of health prevention, in primary and secondary categories. "Sport brings you, beyond health and motivation, determining, focus and concentration. And treatment, one of the pillars is to have strength to overcome the disease. Treating cancer is not easy, So, You have to soften. I think one way to take some of the weight of the treatment, is to view it as a wrestler faces a fight: head up, focusing, and thinking that we will always be a winner ", He concluded the expert.

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