stolen car in Ajuricaba set is recovered after police chase

The car was spotted by police near the place where the theft occurred. The four occupants of the vehicle reacted, shooting at the police car.
07/02/2017 15h24 - Updated 7/02/2017 15h24
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, He recovered on Monday afternoon, 6, por volta the 16h, Rua Campo Grande, district Redemption, Central-West, a vehicle model Goal, black color and OAL-3775 boards, stolen last Saturday, 4, around 16:30, Set in Ajuricaba, Alvorada neighborhood, Midwest area of ​​the capital.

According to the police, research surrounding the case began after the formalization of occurrence, also on Saturday. On the day of the murder the owner of the vehicle, a man of 35 years, I was waiting for the gate of the residence of a relative open, inside the car, when approached by three offenders. One of them was carrying a firearm, according to victim.

"The man reported that he was approached suddenly by offenders, that would have required him to leave the vehicle itself. We began investigations and yesterday, at the time the trafegávamos Cabedelo Street, Redemption in the neighborhood, near the place where it happened the theft of the vehicle, we spotted the victim's car. The four occupants of the vehicle reacted, shooting at the police car ", He argued the holder of 17 DIP.

Miguel Ribeiro said that during police chase the car turned left in Street Campo Grande and the occupants undertook trail walk. After the procedures applicable in the police unit, the vehicle will be returned to the owner. The research team of the 17th DIP will continue the investigations surrounding the case, to identify individuals involved in criminal activity, so they can respond criminally for acts committed.

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