Primer "Sidewalk Legal" tells people about how to take good care of the promenade

The material is intended to inform the public about the rights and duties towards the public street, and explain how to keep, conserve and build a sidewalk on universal standards and accessibility.
02/02/2017 14h38 - Updated 2/02/2017 14h38
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Obstruction of public places continues to occupy second place in fiscal actions Control Division (Dicon) the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb) in 2017. Until the day 31 from January, were made 68 notifications, or equivalent 25% of total 268 made no period. They were also applied 19 fines, 1 embargo and made 5 demolitions for unemployment tours.

Comparing with 2016, the month of January, an increase of 51% total notifications: last year were 45 in the first month of the year. The amount of the fine for the offense can range from $ 99,84 (1 UFM) a R$ 399,36 (4 UFMs), even doubling in case of recurrence.

To expand access to information with awareness campaigns and behavior change, the booklet of "Walk Legal" was created, with good educational content and explaining, with examples in the city, what is right and wrong in the care and use of public outing. It also contains information on how to build a sidewalk, what better material and not use in the construction or renovation. The material is available for query in the Implurb site.

The material is intended to inform the public about the rights and duties towards the public street, and explain how to keep, conserve and build a sidewalk on universal standards and accessibility, where you can walk safely and without obstacles. Alongside the primer, It will launch an extensive educational and advertising campaign for the Manaus City Hall.

The booklet released now virtually born after several meetings, last year, on or topic, promoted in partnership and with the support of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA-AM), Council of Architecture and Urbanism (BRIDGE), Implurb, Manaus Prefecture, Union of Industries Construction (Sinduscon) and Amazon Network.

In the street
The Manaus posture tax are, in the streets notifications, every kind of irregularity, from obstructions with construction material, occupation with shops of exhibitors, small buildings, and even entire works and invasions installed in public parks, where access should be public, but just appropriate for particular.

"The Implurb acts diuturnamente the supervision of sidewalks, meeting reports, which is already part of our routine in the body. With the primer and the campaign, We seek new ways to educate the population and to define public policy incentive to Manaus can have better sidewalks, floor with the standard, which may be the simplest, cement and concrete. And unfortunately we have cultural issues, many take the sidewalks as an extension of their homes, trades ", said the president of Implurb, Claudio Guenka engineer.

Disk Order of Implurb, which works to receive complaints, meets in 161, during business hours, or (92) 3625-5340. Only Disk Order, in 2016, has received 672 complaints relating to the offense, of total 1.878, equivalent to 35,7% of requests received.

What does the law say?
the sidewalks, tours and public places, the Master Plan, They should be kept in good condition by the lot owner, so to allow, accessibility, the transit of pedestrians and wheelchair users. Or art. 36 Stance Code, single paragraph, reports that "it is up to the owner carry out the works necessary for the paving and maintenance of the tour" corresponding to property. "It is the duty of citizens to cooperate with the City in the conservation and cleaning, because the sidewalk is a good of all, It is not a private property ", explains the head of Dicon, Maria Aparecida Froz.

Code positions
Second or Code of Postures Manaus, no route can be obstructed by any means without permission from City Hall, when the law allows. Tax receive the complaint or when they are en route the city also tend to make the study of the situations encountered. In irregularity cases, the owner is notified and in the case of non-compliance, responsible will be subject to other penalties provided by law, as fines, seizures and even demolition. The most common demolitions are low walls, walls, steps and obstacles built on the promenade, that impede the free movement of people.

The Postures Code art.38 states that "public places must meet the general rules and basic criteria for the promotion of accessibility for people with disabilities or reduced mobility". The tours must be free from any obstacle, or obstacle, fixed or removable, that limit or prevent access, freedom of movement and the movement of people safely, providing a free band with a minimum width of 1,50 metro. Also the street use for loading and unloading operation is prohibited.

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