CCJ receives petition against students Moraes Alexandre's appointment to the Supreme Court

The undersigned met 270 thousand signatures of Internet. Moraes will sabatinado tomorrow (21) by commission.
20/02/2017 16h40 - Updated 21/02/2017 04h31
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law students and representatives of civil society organizations delivered today (20) the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) petition in protests against the Moraes Alexandre's appointment to the Supreme Court (STF). Moraes will sabatinado tomorrow (21) by commission.

The group was accompanied by opposition senators and members of the CCJ, they submitted to the Commission an application for the signatures to be attached to the Sabbath process. The undersigned met 270 thousand signatures of Internet, which they were collected by the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences and the NGO Conectas Human Rights.

For the group of students, Alexandre de Moraes, which is licensed from the post of Minister of Justice, does not meet the conditions necessary to be appointed to the Court. “We felt a responsibility to bring that position contrary to his appointment by his reputation not be unblemished for the post”, according to the president of the XI August Academic Center, the Law School of the University of São Paulo, Paula Masulk, Moraes when occupied the Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo showed no respect for human rights.

Last week, another group linked to social movements delivered a manifesto suggesting an alternative application for de Moraes. In this ocasion, President of the CCJ, Senator Edison Lobão (PMDB-MA), which will be responsible for conducting the Sabbath, He received the petition and said that public opinion should be considered.

The licensed minister of Justice and Public Security, Alexandre de Moraes, sabatinado will tomorrow (21) by members of the Constitution Committee, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) Senate. Moraes is mentioned President Michel Temer to occupy the Minister of vacancy of the Supreme Court (STF), due to the death of Teori Zavascki in January. The session is scheduled to start at 10 am.

Senators should be questioned Moraes on issues of the legal world, considered issues relevant to the country, besides confirming information regarding the professional life of the indicated.

For the government base, the Sabbath can bring more light on the indicated. "Are [no STF] the judge is not a political, on here [Congress] we have the concern to make laws, over there ([STF] is the ability to judge (….) So, what he has to show is your legal knowledge and I have no doubt it will be an opportunity for him to reaffirm the knowledge that has, even because the academic cites Moraes Alexander as an expert, author of books in the area of ​​constitutional law and his name was not restricted in this area ", said senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS), in which 2015 He was a member of the CCJ and attended the Sabbath of the current Minister of STF, Edson Fachin.

The opposition bench should vote against the appointment of Moraes. "We have many concerns with this statement, It is a partisan statement. No that is not part of the political process fro the Supreme, but the person who was nominated is militant of the PSDB ID card, already made criticism of PT, already used their positions with partisan intent ", said Senator Gleisi Hoffman (PT-SC), party leader in the Senate.

Source: Deborah Brito – Agency Brazil

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