Thiago de Mello Cultural Center expands course offerings and services in Manaus

With the space SEDUC will provide a wide range of services to the school community and the general population, among them the "Electronic Provão".
24/02/2017 15h15 - Updated 26/02/2017 15h55
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With the reopening of the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello, in Manaus East Zone, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC), administratively responsible for space, will provide a broad range of services to the school community and the general population, among them the "Electronic Provão", directed to people who wish to regularize their studies and obtain a certificate of completion of elementary or high schools.

To access the service, also called National Examination for Youth Skills Certification and Adults (Encceja), interested parties can access the website and perform your registration. May participate in the examination persons interested in obtaining certification of elementary school, whose minimum age required to take the exam is 15 years, and interested in getting high school certification, It is necessary to 18 full years to take the exam.

Examinations are held at the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello and the issue of licenses is the responsibility of SEDUC. According to the Educational Service Management to Diversity, new schedules will be available from March this year.

With the complete revitalization, the cultural center will also have an Environmental Education room, in which courses will be offered, workshops and lectures for teachers, students and the community. Coordination of activities will be done by the Educational Service Management to Diversity.

Also as part of the expansion of services offered by SEDUC through the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello, will be available Brazilian Sign Language courses Signals (Pounds) e Braille, reading system for the visually impaired. The courses will be coordinated by the Special Educational Service Management and will be available for students with disabilities and the population.

The cultural center will also include a multi-functional room features, whose care is directed to students with intellectual disabilities, autism, low vision, among others. The room is equipped with printer and typewriter in Braille; trilingual dictionary; expanded material for students with low vision; among other equipment.

Information Room
Coordinated by the Professional Training Centre Padre José de Anchieta (Cepan) the SEDUC, the training room will be an extension of the courses that are already offered at the Secretariat's headquarters, in Japiim, South Zone of Manaus. According to the direction of Cepan, diverse backgrounds will be held for teachers, among them the workshops focused on the use of technology in the classroom.

For these formations, It will be available later using the TV School, a room
equipped with several multimedia features.

Working Groups
To provide educational support and conduct ongoing training for teachers teaching public schools, SEDUC has technical working groups (GTs), initiative to strengthen the learning process and thus raise the quality indicators of educational public.

With a technical team of specialist teachers in the various segments of Basic Education, the GTs perform educational activities in the areas of Mathematics, languages, Natural Sciences and Humanities.

With the reopening of the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello, the work of the Working Groups will also have guaranteed space. According to the coordinator of Languages ​​GT, Professor Andreia Flag, from March, SEDUC set a schedule of targeted workshops to support teachers' activities in each area of ​​knowledge.

Centro cultural
Reopened this week by the Government of Amazonas via SEDUC, the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello is equipped with 36 heated rooms; library; computer labs; rooms for conducting courses; multimedia room; toy library; living area; amphitheater with seating for 300 people; parking; and other administrative spaces.

Fully operational, the Government has established partnerships between SEDUC, the Secretary of State of Amazonas Culture (SEC) and Technological Education Center of Amazonas (Cetam), increasing the range of services available to the Amazonian population.

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