Thiago de Mello Cultural Center is reopened by the governor of Amazonas

During the rededication, Jose Melo, He announced the construction of a new center, in the north.
22/02/2017 15h35 - Updated 22/02/2017 15h35
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From now on, the professional training of young Amazonians to serve the Industrial District will be the main focus of the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello, no Jorge Teixeira, area east of Manaus, reopened on the morning of Wednesday, 22 of February, the governor of Amazonas, professor José Melo, which also announced the construction of a new center, in the north. it, with the proposal to promote courses focused on trade and services.

According to the governor, the measure is intended to meet the demand of the State, who is about to return to economic growth. "The Amazon walks to grow back again. The Manaus Free Trade Zone, after the post-crisis, will be strengthened and will emerge strong. On another plane, we are still building the Environmental Economic Matrix, but both need qualified people to work. This center will have this mission. Take this youth and insert it in the best way possible labor market ", he explained.

With investments of R $ 3,5 million in retirement, the center received a new structure with the capacity to serve over 20 thousand people daily. The space has 36 heated rooms, library, computer labs, rooms for conducting courses, support room with audio-visual aids for people with disabilities, multimedia room, toy library, living area, amphitheater with seating for 300 people, parking and other administrative spaces.

To further expand the scope of training and the supply of young and skilled professionals in the market, Jose Melo also announced the construction of a new center in the north of the capital. "We licitamos another building, like this and there we will house the courses focused on the trade and services, so the Manaus have here in the area east Thiago de Mello and in the north an equivalent space, both to prepare youth for the labor market ", He completed the governor.

The reopening of the Cultural Center was attended by none other than the Amazonian poet who gives name to structure, himself Thiago de Mello. Excited, he spoke of the importance of betting on youth. "I keep this time as one of the most beautiful of my life, because this center is a trainer and was made to change the lives of people, marked by beauty, decency and love that the people of the Amazon deserves ", said.

Jose Melo made a point to remind the poet's contribution to the Amazonian society during his speech. "Many people spoke of a Thiago producing, which has a creative and brilliant mind, but I wanted to make an exception to a human Thiago, a being of solidarity shared with the brothers all earned throughout life and is an example to be followed by all our people ".

institutional partnerships
With the complete revitalization of the cultural center, the State Department of Education (Seduc) has partnered with the Department of State of Amazonas Culture and the Technological Education Center of Amazonas (Cetam), that will increase the range of services available to society.

The artistic space training courses will be coordinated by the School of Arts and Crafts Claudio Santoro. Classes will be offered to all age groups - children from 7 years, young, adults and seniors. The cultural center will also be the new address of Genesino Library Braga, that worked in Shopping Grande Circular. The library has collection of more than 8 thousand titles, between Amazon and children's works, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases. In addition to reading and research, visitors can use computers with internet access and make the loan work.

Under the coordination of CETAM, the new space will also feature a program of courses aimed at training teachers of state schools in the areas of Languages, Mathematics and Environmental Education; Brazilian language courses - Libras; and training courses in various areas. Other training courses will be offered: quality inspection agent, stockman, measurement inspection agent, digital electronics, analog electronics, reading and interpretation of electronic components, logistics operation and other.

The Seduc coordinate Pounds courses (Brazilian Sign Language); tutoring for students of elementary school (1Th to 9 th) of the state; and evidence of the Supplementary Examination, traditionally called "Electronic Provão", directed to adults who want to regularize their studies and obtain the conclusion of the fundamental teachings or medium certification.

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