Full leaves two municipalities in emergency and alert in seven AM

Subida dos rios nesta temporada de chuvas fez municípios do Amazonas declararem situação de emergência.
09/02/2017 14h50 - Updated 9/02/2017 17h15
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The municipalities of Guajará and Ipixuna, both in Rio Trough Juruá, They are the first two of the Amazon to declare emergency in 2017 due to the rise of the rivers in this rainy season in the region. The data are part of the weekly survey by Amazon Association of Municipalities (AAM) with the municipalities to guide managers on actions and procedures to be taken in cases of public calamity.

The survey also indicates that the municipalities of Carauari, Itamarati, Eirunepé and Envira - also located in the southwestern region of the state - have decreed a state of alert, as well as the municipalities of Manipur, Nova Olinda and Novo Aripuana, the trough of the Madeira River.

Decrees still lack the recognition of the Federal Civil Defense and State (it has already sent teams to monitor the situation on the ground), so that local governments can effectively act in the acquisition of food and medicine for the homeless.

"AAM is acting directly in the intermediation of the demands of the municipalities with the State and the Union to speed up the recognition process. Today (8), I will take this report to the Governor Jose Melo, which will certainly trigger state agencies for the first actions to support ", He explained the president of the association, John Campelo.

in Guajará (a 1.487 km from Manaus), who decreed emergency on 1 February, Mayor Ordean Gonzaga, he said 5,5 thousand people are homeless and were transferred to the headquarters of schools, fact that will delay the start of the school year in the municipal school system.

"The city is doing what is possible, bearing the costs of drinking water, food, transport and accommodation. We have serious problems in medical care. The hospitals are full of patients and there is great demand ", said Gonzaga.

The mayor also reported that rural production Guajará -mainly flour, which exports to Manaus and the State of Acre - is completely lost. "Farmers who have requested loan Amazonas State Development Agency (Afeam) to plant, They lost everything and can not afford. We will ask the government a longer period or even amnesty for these workers ", he added.

in Ipixuna (a 1.380 km from Manaus), most of the seat is submerged, affecting all public services. According to Mayor Maria Paula Relief, the start of school was also canceled and schools that still have use conditions, They are being used as shelter for the population.

"We do not have statistics on how many families were affected, but we ask the support of all who can help and donate food, clothing and water ", asked the mayor, who decreed emergency situation on the last day 2.

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