Colombian arrested for drug trafficking in the Amazon

Cristian Cardenas, He was arrested at the scene on the afternoon of Wednesday (15) in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro.
16/02/2017 15h03 - Updated 17/02/2017 11h16
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Or Colombian Cristian Camilo Cardenas Franco, 20 years, He was arrested at the scene on the afternoon of Wednesday (15) in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (a 630 kilometers from Manaus). Cristian is suspected of involvement in drug trafficking. The arrest was carried out by military police after anonymous complaints forwarded to the Civil Police through the number (97) 99177-2719 .

"The officers approached the offender at the time he drove a motorcycle without plate by Rio Negro Avenue, the St. Jude neighborhood. The Colombian took the PMs to his residence, near the site of the approach, and after a thorough search the police team found the drug ", informed the delegate Aldiney Nogueira, holder of the 76th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP).

On site seven drug bundles were found between Oxi and Skank. The narcotic was packed and ready to be sold. Also found were R $ 259,00 in kind, a cell phone, an automotive radio and a clock.

"The Civil Police had been receiving anonymous reports from last year that a" Paissano " (They are known as the Colombians and Peruvians in the Upper Rio Negro region), I would be involved with the practice of usury, extortion and drug trafficking ", He explained the delegate Aldiney Nogueira.

The Colombian was referred to the Police Station of Santa Isabel Police which was booked in flagrante by drug trafficking crime and remains stuck at the disposal of Justice.

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