With mixture of frevo and baião, Rooster Manaus should attract 100 thousand revelers

The wistful Pernambuco his native little land and manauaras who enjoy the two rhythms will be able to play on Tuesday (28).
28/02/2017 14h46 - Updated 1/03/2017 13h12
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Will have frevo and will have baião together and mixed in the Manaus Carnival. The nostalgic of his native Pernambuco little land and manauaras who enjoy the two rhythms will be able to have fun, today (28), in Manaus Galo, a partir das 14h, in the Torres Avenue. With the theme of the "frevo Baiao", the festival will pay tribute to Luiz Gonzaga, one of the greats of Brazilian popular music.

"It's a Pernambucano who did much for the culture of the northeastern people and Brazil. It is an icon of national culture, respected. The idea is this: Pernambuco culture of the Luiz Gonzaga baião that gripped the whole of Brazil as well as the culture of frevo. We are uniting the two cultures in the carnival ", said the producer of the pack, Théo Alves.

The repertoire of Luiz Gonzaga will be touched by all the bands invited by the block, beyond the Band and Orchestra official Frevo Manaus Rooster. "We will perform the music of Luiz Gonzaga, one of them in baião and elsewhere in frevo, played with concertina. The presentations will be different and with a very large repertoire of Luiz Gonzaga. All bands will play at least one of it, but one in particular, What is the "Hand to Riba", It will bring two hours of playing tribute, exclusively, Luiz Gonzaga songs, part of frevo rhythm, part in rhythm baião. This will be our honor ", said Alves.

The dance group Arts Without Borders, which is part of a social project, promises to make the audience dance frevo in Manaus Rooster. The 20 dancers will also present the steps baião.

The Manaus Rooster Pernambuco attracts many who live in the city. This is the case Biologist Wellington Costa, who arrived in the capital of Amazonas in 1984 and attends the block for over 10 years. For him, the party is a way to kill the longing of the culture of their status.

"Since 2005 I began to participate in the cock, which began in 2004. At the time they told me that he had gotten a 'business’ frevo at the carnival. Then I found a Pernambuco friend who told me about Pernambuco invented a truck and put a handful of people after only playing frevo and put up the name of Manaus Rooster. And it was getting. I thought cool and got to know the class ", Costa told.

The Rooster Manaus was created in 2004 by Pernambuco who came to work in the industrial district of the city and was inspired by the Galo da Madrugada, Recife, considered the world's block. The first party in the capital of Amazonas gathered around 150 brincantes and currently attracts an audience of, at least, 100 thousand people. Participation in Manaus Rooster is free.

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