Public Service Commission of CMM will oversee actions of the city council and government

According to Gideon Amorim, the idea is to make a roving commission continuously.
09/02/2017 08h51 - Updated 9/02/2017 17h15
Photo: Tiago Corrêa/CMM

The new president of the Public Service Commission of the City of Manaus (CMM), Professor Alderman Gideon Amorim (PMDB) – chosen, today, for or charge – It reported that the committee will oversee actions of the municipality and the State Government, regardless of political party relations.

"First, I appreciate the confidence in choice for such an important presidency is the Public Service Commission. I want to reaffirm my commitment, as responsible for this commission, to monitor actions of both the municipality and government, without regard to political or partisan interests, because our concern is above all with the citizen, paying their taxes and want to have their rights guaranteed ", said Gideon Amorim.

Gideon explained that want to work, also, in favor of municipal and state public servants, observing the salary adjustments bases and working conditions of the civil service in all segments.

"How long worked in Education is natural that I have many demands of teachers and employees of state and municipal education, these demands that we fight now even when I had no mandate. But now, the Public Service Commission, we want to extend this assistance to all public servants ", He stressed Councilman.

The parliamentarian said, still, that to have access to the actual demands of public services and needs of the employees of the municipality and the State intends to operate in inspections in loco in Manaus departments and districts. "We know that, still, there are complaints about the lack of water, problems in the supply of electricity and working conditions of public employees segments. Our idea is to make a roving commission continuously ", He explained Professor Gideon.

The councilor was also elected vice president of the 21th Housing Commission and Urban Regularization, commission created from the new Bylaws of the CMM, which will start its work from this year. The chair of the committee was with Councilman Gilmar Nascimento (PSD). Gideon was chosen, still, full member of the Finance Committees, Economy and Budget; Agriculture and Rural Policy and Ethics Committee.


At the beginning of the session on Wednesday, Professor Gideon took the podium and made his first speech of the Legislature. Councilman held a brief summary of its history of personal and professional life to ensure for the first time a place in City Hall.

Gideon who has been Secretary of State for Education, director of the Institute of Humanities and Arts, University of Amazonas, Funasa manager and other public offices, He said that education and health are two major areas that need to continuously improve their services and performance.

"I hope we all have the awareness of what we are experiencing in the global context of profound crisis and certainly that surrounds us is the most serious, in Brazil and Amazonas. Crises are not only economic, but, especially ethics. Let us together fight for a better city and not in furtaremos to fight for great causes involving the rights of citizens ", He concluded Gedeon.

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