Confusion between security guards and protesters mark hearing on public transport in the CMM

The confrontation started because popular were forbidden to enter the Chamber and because tore posters of support to the mayor.
24/02/2017 10h03 - Updated 24/02/2017 18h14
Photo: Euzivaldo Queiroz / A Review

Earlier on Friday (24), before the start of public hearing on public transport in the City Hall of Manaus (CMM), security of the Legislature and representatives of civil society clashed.

Protesters tore posters supporting the mayor Arthur Neto, who were the CMM entry grid, then they tried to get the force on site, starting a fight.

A stun bomb was released on site, and the Municipal Guard and the military police were driven to contain the mess. The demonstrators threw stones at police.

The confusion started because the protesters were banned from entering the House. An alderman and students were also beaten.

Source: AM POST Writing

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