Amazon Dance body has three big hits in Fortaleza

The presentations are part of the project “A North to Dance”, developed by Ideas Big House, Amazon with Government support.
01/02/2017 11h18 - Updated 1/02/2017 11h18
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Success wherever he goes, Amazon Dance Body (CDA) begins its season 2017 landing on the stage of Cultural Caixa Fortaleza (Iracema Beach, In Ceara), from 9 a 12 of February, with spectacles “Cabanagem”, Mario Nascimento; “Milongas”, Monique Andrade; e “A Sagração by Spring”, Adriana Garcia and André Duarte.

The presentations are part of the project “A North to Dance”, developed by Ideas Big House, Amazon with Government support, through the Department of Culture. In order to promote cultural exchange between the dancers and disseminate the artistic production of Amazonas, the project was contemplated by the Notice Cultural CAIXA

According to João Fernandes, director of the Big House Company of Ideas "A North to Dance" is a first test in view of promoting what is being culturally produced in the Amazon, so that everyone can learn more about the Amazon and its cultural productions. "We were last year in Recife with the 'A North to Dance’ and it was a fantastic experience. It is very rewarding to introduce a bit of our culture and productions for different audiences ", highlights

According to the Secretary of Culture status, Robério Braga, the initiative of Ideas Big House should be an example to be followed. "It is essential to the cultural engagement of the whole society. Participation and collective construction is the best way for solid results. It was based on this principle, that the actions developed over the years by the Secretariat of Culture, They have always been based on dialogue and partnership with the artistic classes ", Explain.

shows – With Mario Nascimento choreography, "Cabanagem" portrays the popular uprising in which blacks, Indians and mestizos rebelled against the political elite in the North of Brazil. The show appropriates the essence of popular revolt and use their language to translate the spirit of resistance, control and preservation of cultures. The choreography has as its foundation the works 'A Brief History of the Amazon', Márcio Souza, and 'In the Country of the Amazons', Marilene Correa.

But the show “Milongas”, Monique Andrade, emphasizes the contemporary styles, joining the tango with electronic and dance hall with contemporary dance, without losing the essence of the milongas, style that emerged in Spain, the end of the century 19.

E “Sagração by Spring” do CDA é inspirado na obra Vaslav Nijinsky, Igor Stravinsky's music. The play depicts the fleeting vision of a Slavic pagan ritual in which a young dance to death, as an offering to the God of Spring. Choreographers Adriana Garcia and André Duarte withdrew the work from its original context and made a rereading immersed in Indian culture.

Gym – After the presentations, lectures will be held with the theme "Process creation of Amazonas Dance Body ', with director of CDA, Getúlio Lima.

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