David Almeida confirms installation CPI AFEAM

The president of Aleam said the CPI will be installed, probably next Thursday (16).
09/02/2017 17h22 - Updated 9/02/2017 17h22
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During the Small Hours in the morning of Thursday (9), the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr David Almeida (PSD), He used the tribune of Ruy Araújo plenary to make some announcements, between them, on the CPI of the State of Amazonas Development Agency S / A (Afeam). Almeida said the CPI will be installed, probably next Thursday (16).

"We have here an application, magnification request, and we'll make the composition and the installation of this CPI already on Thursday (16), I'm telling this House. The application is already approved and research will be expanded ", said Almeida.

Almeida also spoke, on the actual servers that are attending college funded by the Assembly. David Almeida talked to some, and will schedule a meeting with representatives of approximately 26 employees who are already in the 9th and 10th periods. "We will adjust scholarships, remembering that they will no longer be granted scholarships to any server, both commissioned, as effective ", said the parliamentary.

The president also determined that next Wednesday (15), starts the continuous rite of weekly polls. "I do not want to leave that table requirements that are able to be voted, without the decision of the plenary. We need to adopt and put in progress all matters ", he argued.

Another measure already announced, which will also be implemented from next week, is the fulfillment of the scheduled time for the special meetings and ceremonies in the House these days Ordinary Session, to be held from 11 am, suspension of the debate and return the same after the break. "We will stop the debate and start the special session, with respect to honored, in respect to the people who are present here, and discussions will be restarted after the session ", said.

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