Deputy mayor says deceived the public about bus fare

For the new parliamentary bus fare is abusive, It serves only the interests of entrepreneurs, not having been discussed with society.
15/02/2017 15h34 - Updated 16/02/2017 09h27
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It was filed on Wednesday (15) an Indication to the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) to be held Public Hearing together to discuss the readjustment of transport rate, as well as tax incentives and subsidies, totaling R $ 118 million only 2016, and cost sheet.

The request is authored by Mr José Ricardo Wendling (PT), President of the Human Rights Commission, Citizenship and Participative Legislation Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard). "Who approves incentives and subsidies to bus companies are the City Council and the Legislative Assembly. Nothing fairer than these two powers discuss the subject ", clarified the parliamentary, which earlier this month proposed debate in the House explaining that the new bus fare is abusive, It serves only the interests of entrepreneurs, not having been discussed with society, having no transparency and no supervision.

In Small Hours of the fourth, parliamentary presented an audio June last year, when the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, He said it would not reset the bus fare to R $ 3,54, who had just been authorized by law. "It's to say it would be a bold and dishonest and that could even be arrested, but that was not going to do this with the city's population. But the mayor lied, because this adjustment authorized in late January, and not only to R $ 3,54, as determined Justice, but to R $ 3,55, to benefit entrepreneurs ", said José Ricardo, referring to the Municipal Decree No. 3.612, from 26 January 2017, signed by the Deputy Mayor, Mar¬cos Rotta, fixing the technical fare R $ 3,55 and operational, R$ 3,30. "And that $ 0,25 more will be paid through subsidies to companies, It is public money, corresponding to the requirements of entrepreneurs ".

The survey conducted by deputy in the year 2016, They were provided for R $ 118 million to be transferred in subsidies and tax incentives to public transport companies in the city. In the case of Hall, They were R $ 24 million in reduced ISS (Tax over services) and R $ 18 million in grants. Already by the State Government, They were R $ 6 million in grants and awarded R $ 8,7 million in property taxes exemption and R $ 32,4 million with ICMS exemption incentive for the fuel used on buses, and R $ 29 million from the Federal Government, PIS exemption / Cofins.

And to top, the governor, Jose Melo (PROS), It announced that it would suspend the application of the GST and property taxes incentives, if the passage did not return to R $ 3. José Ricardo, the decision of the governor contradicts a state law that remains in force, You need to have a decision of the Assembly on its revocation. "Besides that, the governor, before stopping, should charge the counterparts of businesses and City Hall. He never did anything. Until today, He had no accountability of these incentives and subsidies, that they are designed to keep the rate the same amount and modernize the transport system. But, in practice, what people see daily is dwindling fleet and the most damaged ", he stressed, concluding that those who lose it is the population, since these public funds could be invested in other areas too important, such as education, health, safety, Water, home.

Mr cobra health CPI
The deputy also charged today the need for Aleam investigate the various contracts in healthcare, by means of a CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry). He is co-author, along with Mrs Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB), the proposed installation of this Committee in the House, but still need three signatures to start your processing.

Operation "Evil Ways", triggered by the Federal Police, Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Comptroller General (TOS), pointed diversion of massive public health money to companies contracted by both the state government as the Manaus City Hall, which confirms that there is no shortage resources in the area, mas sim compromisso com o cidadão que paga seus impostos.

Citando uma reportagem publicada por um veículo de comunicação, ele confirmou a sua convicção de que os recursos são mal geridos. A matéria fala da história de dois médicos, what, por conta própria, compraram um aparelho de perfurador, utilizado em cirurgias ortopédicas, e que estava em falta tanto no Pronto-Socorro João Lúcio quanto no Joãozinho, East zone. "Unfortunately, essa é a realidade de muitos hospitais. Esses médicos compraram quatro aparelhos. Cada um custou apenas R$ 200. Disseram ainda que o ideal seria ter o perfurador pneumático, que custa de R$ 4 a R$ 5 one thousand. Mesmo assim o valor é baixo, frente a tantos equipamentos de saúde que chegam a custar milhões de reais. O problema da saúde é sério, porque os recursos são mal utilizados. Precisamos investigar”.

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