Amazon deputies intended R $ 430 thousand to combat violence against children

O dinheiro será destinado para a criação do Núcleo de Enfretamento à Violência, Exploitation and Trafficking in Children and Adolescents Amazon.
04/02/2017 11h18 - Updated 5/02/2017 16h06
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Hi everyone 24 state legislators allocated R $ 430 thousand in parliamentary amendments to the creation of coping Core Violence, Exploitation and Trafficking in Children and Adolescents Amazon. The agency will work with the State Department of Public Safety (SPP/AM) to address cases of violence against minors, mainly within the state.

amendments, Amazon already approved in the Legislative Assembly (hazard), Members are Joshua Neto (PSD), Charles Albert (PRB), Serafim Correa (PSB), Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB), Luiz Castro (NETWORK), Dermilson Chagas (PEN), Abdala Fraxe (PTN) and Sheba Kings (PR). The core part of the project 'The Guardian' created by the delegate Linda Glaucia Morais, who was owner of Specialized Police for Children and Adolescents (depc) until last year, and is now coordinator Center.

According to the delegated, a need exists for a location to absorb and serve to more efficiently receive all the demands, mostly from distant cities in the State, where there are hardly any protection policies to child victims of violence. The main function of the Center will be to detect and disrupt possible activities related to human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, mainly non inside, where the forecast is fixed installations Core. The project will also serve the capital, working in partnership with DEPCA, and State and Municipal.

Mr Joshua Neto, which allocated R $ 50 thousand to assist in Core installation costs, He believes that there is now a need to monitor more effectively cases of violence against children within the State. According to him, most outlying cities of the capital has almost no structure to meet and even investigate such cases.

The core work at the state and municipal level in partnership with the State Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), the State Secretariat for Education and Culture (Seduc), the Secretary of State for Social Assistance (Seas), the Municipal Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh), the City Department of Education (semed) and the Department of Sport, Youth and Leisure (Sejel) working on a mobile basis focusing on children and adolescents.

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