DMV-AM registers increase 40% we flagrant 'streak’ in January 2017

Only in January, the DMV-AM fined nearly 134 disputing drivers “streak” In Manaus.
10/02/2017 16h40 - Updated 10/02/2017 16h40
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Fines for drivers caught participating or promoting races and “spurts” They are ten times more expensive. Even putting at risk the lives of all who are part of the transit, Amazonians drivers still insist on this practice. Only in January, the State Traffic Department (DMV-AM) fined nearly 134 disputing drivers “streak” In Manaus, a number that exceeds by more 40% recorded in the last year, When 94 drivers were actuated by such breach.

Like most egregious is made after receipt of the complaint, the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, asks the Manauense citizen who reports. "The DMV has several channels of communication with the public through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagran and we also have our number of WhatsApp (99146-9863). People can and should denounce these criminal actions ", he emphasized Leonel.

Changes in CTB – Changes in Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) of law 12.971 They were worth in November last year with the change 11 articles. In addition to the payment of a fine of R $ 1.915,40, the driver automatically has the right to drive suspended.

In the practice of “streak”, at least half of the drivers fined during raids conducted by DMV-AM does not have National Driver's License (CNH) and many used vehicles are stolen or cloned.

Escape and accident – And the risks for those who insist on practicing these disputes are many. In one of the raids conducted last week, seven drivers were caught performing dangerous maneuvers and “streak” Torquato Tapajós avenue in, north of Manaus. One of the drivers tried to run the blockade mounted by sticking traffic agents. He drove the vehicle Honda / Civic LX, blue, board JWU 9207, that caught fire after hitting power pole.

The driver identified as Julius Caesar Muller did not suffer serious injuries, he was referred to 12 ° Precinct Police Integrated (DIP) and fined for dangerous driving pasting at risk the lives of others in traffic.

Intensification of blitz – For the CEO of DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, even with daily inspections happening this type of offense is still very commonplace, but the manager promises to further intensify operations aiming to inhibit the act.

"We have received many complaints from the population activities of these people who perform 'handles' on city streets, we will work even harder to extinguish the practice of our streets ", said Leonel Feitoza.

Fines and penalties
Drivers caught doing dangerous overtaking will have to shell out $ 1.915,40, the amount of the fine for these violations. The penalty for anyone caught engaging in "splits" can reach to three years detention. If the practice result in serious injury or death, the penalty may be imprisonment, which includes the closed regime. The proposed sentence is three to six years of imprisonment in the case of personal injury and 5 a 10 years in case of death.

In addition to the fine amount, the driver suffers administrative penalties, as the suspension of the right to drive, independently to achieve 20 points in the chart of the National Driver's License (CNH). In all these offenses, the driver caught in reincidindo 12 months, It will be folded fine, reaching the amount of R $ 3.830,80.

other offenses
During a week, the agency has carried out operations in the morning, afternoon and night, at strategic points of the capital of Amazonas. In the period of one week, 402 drivers were reported for violations in traffic.

Infractions are still referring to drive the vehicle without being licensed, National driving without driver's license (CNH) and without Registration Certificate and Vehicle Licensing (CRLV), required size document. Also common is the motorcycle driver is caught driving without helmet or inappropriate footwear. altogether, 51 vehicles, and 22 cars and 29 motorcycles were seized during the operation.

Besides that, 30 drivers were fined for driving under the influence of alcohol. Since the beginning of the year, 152 drivers were caught driving drunk during operations of Prohibition in Manaus. According to Leonel Feitoza, the driver refuses to pass the breathalyzer, or any examination to detect the influence of alcohol or drugs will pay a fine of R $ 2.934,70, have a driver's license suspended 12 months and retained vehicle.

Despite the large number of people caught driving drunk, the raids help reduce accidents and contribute to a safer traffic. “As the driver begins to assimilate the presence of the Traffic Department in the streets, vigilante, it will adopt a more conscious attitude about the traffic laws. This results not only in reducing accidents, as well as in a more national traffic”, explains Leonel Feitoza.

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