Chief executive of Ipaam lecture on the future of the economy in the Amazon in the US University

Ana Aleixo will speak about the experience of environmental policy of the State and the Environmental Economic Matrix project.
03/02/2017 14h54 - Updated 3/02/2017 14h54
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The chief executive of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam), Ana Aleixo, It is participating in the Conference on the future of the Brazilian economy, at Washington and Lee University, in the city of Lexington, US state of Virginia, in the days 3, 4 e 5 of February.

Besides Ana Aleixo, Professor Alexander Rivas also participates as a conference speaker "Complexity and socioeconomic transitions: A case study of Brazil with implications for other emerging countries ", as representatives of the Amazon. The invitation was made by the director of the University of Environmental Studies program, James Kahn.

Ana Aleixo will talk today about the future of the economy in the Amazon, with the theme: "A new paradigm for economic development in the State of Amazonas". The chief executive of Ipaam was invited to come on 31 to meet students and teachers of the Department of Economics, environmental studies and studies program in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Among the speakers who will be at the conference are: former senator and environmentalist Marina Silva; o Economista Dan Biller (World Bank); Professor Dr. Alexander Rivas (TRUST); Professor Fernando Ferrari Filho (UFRGS); Professor Rachel Mourao (State University of Michigan); Daniel Herbet (President of SPAIPA); John Taylor (Predidente do Dynamic Forests); o professor Iyabo Obasanjo (Virginia Military Institute, former US Senator Nigeria).

Ana Aleixo Municipal Attorney of the State for more than three decades, lawyer specialized in environmental and Master in Environmental Sustainability and the Federal University of Amazonas (TRUST).

interinstitutional exchange
The Ipaam will receive training in the environmental area, the months of May to September 2017, two American students' Department of Economics, environmental studies and studies program in Latin America and the Caribbean ", Washington and Lee University. Ana Aleixo had a chance to talk to students before the exchange in Brazil.

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