optimistic speech and bet on economic recovery marked José Melo message in ALE-AM

The governor opened the work of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), on the morning of Wednesday (1º)
01/02/2017 16h35 - Updated 2/02/2017 09h35
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With an optimistic speech about the future of the state, Governor Jose Melo opened the work of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), on the morning of Wednesday, February 1, the plenary of the House. While reading the message Governmental, Jose Melo said he was confident in the recovery of the Brazilian economy, from the Pension Reform, in April, with direct effects on the resumption of growth in the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

Another bet the governor is the implementation of the new Economic Matrix, project he has the flagship of its management and that begins to take shape from this year. "Brazil from April, the Law of Social Security is approved, back to breathe and along with it the Amazon will leverage with the Free Zone and the new Economic Matrix ", said the governor.

The event also marked the inauguration of the new president of the ALE-AM, David Almeida, replacing José Neto, and new officers for the biennium 2017/2018 composed by the 1st Vice President, Abdala Fraxe (PTN); 2º vice president, Belarmino Lins (PMDB); 3º vice- President, Joshua Neto (PSD); General secretary, Sheba Kings (PR); 1º Secretary, Platiny Soares (THE); 2º Secretary, Ricardo Nicolau (PSD) and Ombudsman / Corregidor, Charles Albert (PRB).

Jose Melo said the sound institutional relationship he had with the ALE-AM in managing Joshua Neto and hopes to continue keeping with David Almeida. "The Legislative Assembly is a very important organ in democracy, because it is the hand of the people in government management. They are approving laws, after, we, public entities, we will apply them ", the governor said at a press conference, noting that, Two years of management, only once sent a Law on Emergency Regime for the House not to lose a contract with the Union.

"No rest all, I and Henry (Oliveira, vice governor) We never send a law in Emergency Regime or Emergency Regime extremely urgent… why, in our view, the Legislative Assembly, and we have done so often, it enhances the model laws that sent here… I think this is the great challenge we have, to build the legal framework able to give sustainability the new Matrix ".

When making a management balance, Jose Melo said the loss of state revenue in the last two years, which together totaled R $ 4,2 billion - R $ 2,7 ball Kids 2015 and R $ 1,5 with a, in 2016. Same, like this, said the governor, Amazon managed to maintain the balance of public accounts, wages days, the transfer of the powers and municipalities, debt repayment and suppliers without compromising essential services to the population, as health, education and security.

He said he paid a high price for the decisions we took to make reforms to make smaller the state machine, which resulted in the loss of political prestige, but no regrets, because today the state is ready for the resumption of growth. The governor says he has funding from cash resources released by the Federal Government, due to the fiscal health, to play works in Manaus and inside.

He spoke of the advances that had in areas such as health and education, such as the Education Development Index Basic (Ideb) do Amazonas, single state, besides Pernambuco, which last year surpassed the target set by the Ministry of Education. Also recalled the launch of a works package, no previous day announced, with investments of R $ 1,1 billion for the restructuring of state schools network and construction of Full-Time Education Centers (Ceti).

In health, the highlight was the support received from the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), whose honorary president of the First Lady of the Amazon, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira. According to the governor, redirection of resources, before applied only in the social, helped structure 20 Health units, including Francisca Mendes Hospital and FCECON, which will be expanded and will become the unit, North and Northeast, greater resoluteness in fighting cancer.

The governor also said that delivery, in the first semester, o Hospital Delphina Aziz, in the north, with 350 beds, 11 surgical centers and the largest park images of Brazil. He confirmed, while not define a name for the state Department of Health (Sesame), will be the folder manager.

Economic matrix

Lastly, Governor strengthened its focus on new Economic Matrix, which he said will allow Amazonians can exploit natural resources in a sustainable way. The proposal is based on the development of activities such as fish farming and horticulture, and the rational exploitation of the potential timber and mineral, encouraging drug industries and a cosmetic polo. "We can not keep giving up this", said the governor.

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