Amid protests, Sergio Moro talks about the benefits of Lava Jato US

Live did an analysis of the entire trajectory of the operation, since its inception, at a conference at Columbia University, in New York.
06/02/2017 14h19 - Updated 6/02/2017 14h19
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Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Operation Lava Jato, he said today (6), in a lecture in the United States, the investigations that have been carried out in Brazil against corruption in the political and business environment will enable the strengthening of institutions and strengthen society's aversion against public persons behavior that violate the law. Live attributed the rumors spread on the Internet that would be a CIA agent (intelligence agency of the US government) a “conspiracy theory”, which seeks to draw from the center of the political debate the positive effects of research.

Live did an analysis of the entire trajectory of the operation, since its inception, at a conference at Columbia University, in New York. Moro's lecture had a small delay 12 minutes because of protests from people who carried signs and chanted against his behavior in the conduct of Lava Jato. For protesters, Moro has acted without impartiality required of judges. The seminar is sponsored by Columbia University and the New School for Social Research. Tomorrow (7), the same event, there will be a presentation of the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Carmen Lucia.

In his speech, Live defended quickly in investigations of Lava jet that practices are avoided “obstruction” Justice, as usually happens when there are names of politicians and important businessmen involved. Addressing the audience , he said that those who live in the United States have no idea the number of cases in progress. “It is beyond imagination”, said. Live arescentou excess cases just allowing obstructive maneuvers. “It's a never-ending story”, set.

Moro said the operation faced, over their work, some setbacks. Among them the death of Minister Teori Zavascki, do STF. For him, Teori was deeply committed to the speed of the process and said he hoped the new rapporteur, Edson Fachin, give continuity to this work.

tropical disease
He said that corruption sometimes resembles a “tropical disease”, but stressed that, in the case of Brazil, fortunately the fight against political deviations and business is showing to society that it is possible to overcome the problem.

The judge also considered unfounded criticism that the Lava Jato has damaged the Brazilian economy by involving large companies that generate investment and jobs. He said that, if investments were planned with this notion that there is no corruption, the proceeds of corporate profits will be directed “to combat poverty” and not for the payment of fees.

Sergio Moro also said accusations that the Lavo Jet does not have the impartiality necessary for a judicial investigation. “It is not right”, hit back. He admitted that, in some cases, research team segments beyond the expected, but it clarified that the exaggerations do not jeopardize the operation result. “The crimes are exposed and prosecutors and [members of] Judiciary are serious”.

When asked by a participant about the constant leaks of Lava Jato, Moro said that “is very difficult” know the source of information when it comes out of the research of control. “It is very difficult to know who leaked to the press”, said. Asked further about why appears in images alongside politicians who are being investigated in Lava Jato, as the case of Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), Moro said the photos disclosed refer to a public event where, by chance, politicians also participated investigated.

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