In video, Lula defends early elections in the country

Postulant of dispute 2018, former president said that Brazil needs an elected government.
11/02/2017 14h58 - Updated 12/02/2017 15h26
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will still appear this month in commercials that PT present in the, on radio and TV, giving a kind of "recipe" out of the crisis. The message is the password of the campaign that the party will defend with more emphasis, after Carnival, the early elections to the presidency.

PT candidate for the Presidency, Lula says, one of films, "this government only knows how to cut" to conclude that "Brazil needs a government elected by the people to grow back and dream".

Videos and audios were recorded two weeks ago, before the death of the former first lady Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva, no last day 3. This is a set of four pieces that will be aired by state directories of the party and also in social networks.

The dome of the PT Lula wants to launch the party presidency, completing 37 years, this Friday, 10, under the worst crisis in its history. Elected by PT, Rousseff was impeached last year, Lula turned defendant in five criminal cases - three of them under the operation Lava jet -, the party has a former treasurer (John Vaccari) and two former ministers (José Dirceu and Antônio Palocci) arrested and faces several charges of corruption.

So far, Lula resist to accept the task of commanding the PT, but it is already in campaign for Presidency. The new leadership of the party will be elected in the 6th Congress of the legend, in June.

in commercial, or ex-president says that economy stands, mentions actions taken by it to combat inflation, the recession and unemployment when first assumed the Plateau, in 2003, but insists that "only a government elected by the people will have credibility" to lead change.

"When I took over the government, in 2003, there was unemployment, inflation and recession ", says PT. "We decided to invest, extended credit for the production and consumption. The wheel turned economy and create more than 22 million jobs. This is how the country should deal with crises. "

The current Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, He was president of the Central Bank in both Lula mandates, from 2003 a 2010. While criticizing the government, Lula did not nominally cites President Michel Temer Meirelles nor in any of the inserts.

In one of the films, presented by Taynara Faria, Councilwoman PT Araraquara, the former president said that "they are now cutting the funding of education", a reference to the constitutional amendment, passed by Congress, which limited public spending by 20 years.

After highlighting his government programs, as Prouni and Pronatec, Lula compares the cut "a crime against the country" and to the staff that indicates the campaign for new elections, before 2018. "To change, we need a government elected by the people, to rescue the right of education for all ".

No last video, Lula argues that "our country can, sim, back to grow and create jobs ", with public investment, more salary, income and credit to enable the economy.

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