municipal schools in the rural zone of Manaus receive new school speedboats

Agora são sete embarcações entregues só em 2017. The forecast is to deliver two more by March.
01/02/2017 11h49 - Updated 1/02/2017 11h49
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Three school boats were delivered on Tuesday morning, 31, near the Port of Amazon Energy Company (Ceam), no Center, the municipal schools of Rural and riverfront area of ​​Manaus. With these, Manaus City Hall now has seven vessels delivered only 2017. The forecast is to deliver two more by March.

The new boats delivered are more comfortable, They have 32 places, and a bathroom in each, and will meet the transportation of students in municipal schools St. Peter and Vista Alegre, no Rio Black, and Prof. °. Manoel da Silva Bahia, in Amazon River.

currently, the City Department of Education (semed) It has 85 schools in the District Rural Division Zonal (Rural), It is divided by areas: 35 road (AM-010, BR-174, Puraquequara and Tarumã) e 50 riparian (21 the Amazon River and 29 no Rio Black), and has 50 boats, 66 bus and 68 Minibus to the conduct of students from rural area of ​​Manaus.

According to the Secretary of Infrastructure and Logistics Semed, Thiago Balbi, in total were delivered seven new boats, with three boats, on Tuesday, with 32 places, bathroom and more comfortable. According to him, the secretariat is concerned to meet the students of rural area, but mainly to ensure education quality Basic ensuring access, inclusion and retention of students in schools.

"Each boat is great, with carrying capacity of 32 students with bathrooms and two means to 21 students. We are meeting all the provisions of the mayor and the secretary of Semed with the start of the school year. It's an effort that Semed is to ensure the goals and get better rates for municipal education Manaus. This year we will have proof Brazil. We were very well in the last race and we want to keep moving forward ", commented.

The Municipal School Prof. °. Manoel da Silva Bahia, located in the Community Pagodão, in Amazon River, was one of the teaching units benefited with a speedboat 32 places and bathroom. Second manager, the vessel will serve to fully 62 students, Early Childhood Education and the 1st to 9th grade of elementary school, the two school shifts. "The riverfront is celebrating. It is very important to start the school year with new boats and with other operating ", commented.

differentiated calendar

Classes for 2,3 thousand students 29 municipal schools in Manaus, located in the Rio Negro communities, They started on 6 from January. The Semed teaching units located in the riverside area of ​​the city have a different schedule due to the low water regime and full of rivers.

Each school has a boat and four new vessels, and two 32 places and two 21, will support the transport of area students. The head of the District Rural Division Zonal (DDZ Rural), Fabiana Pinheiro, He said the division has two calendars, It is differentiated from the Rio Negro and the Amazon River and regular road.

to educator, the arrival of the boats will further improve the transportation of students to school and vice versa, but mainly to ensure the presence of all. "With these boats, we want to achieve the goal this year to grow 15% the result of Ideb. The boats are bigger, It has a better comfort, they are closed, It has toilet and will assist in student attendance ", celebrated.

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